Wednesday, December 26, 2007


0918 hours

Breaking News!

0902 hours

Still In There

0738 hours

Breakfast of champions! Pecan Pie A la Mode.
She's still in there although DM is rousing her. She seems combative and obstinent.

0756 hours

I'm starting to believe that this is some sort of extortion ploy. She doesn't want to go back to her own home. Well you can't take the PRitz wit'ya baby.
One sec...
I had to go get the aisle separators so that I could mark off the path to get to TG's and DM's half bath. It's either this way or buckets for the rest of the staff...

Motel Babylon...The Day After Christmas

0642 hours

I'm staying home from my primary job today to assist here at The Motel. Why? Because a lot of guests came in with the holiday rush on yesterday and some haven't gone home, thus hindering my progress on getting ready for my primary job. These folks are crazy! I'm only working two jobs because I have to, otherwise this Motel job would be the first to go.

I'm feeling very guilty about missing work today. This is the 3rd absence I've had since being there. Twice because I have been sick and now a third because of alcoholics rowdy guests. One guest in particular has locked herself and her walker in the spa. She was already half way into the spa door so I couldn't stop her. It would have been an event of epic proportions to get her to stop and turn her and the walker (tennis balls and all) around and then help her to make it back to her room and onto the bed.

Dammit!!! I need to be in the spa by 0630. NO EXCEPTIONS! At 0630 everyone in the house freezes. No water is turned on, ST is locked securely in her room finishing dressing for school, and Jeeves is sitting still (well as still as he can with his nervous issue) in the kitchen. All other guests and staff are asleep or at least faking it well.

If I'm not in there on time then I'm running behind and I HATE to be late. I used to love it, you know being fashionable and all, but my Pastor done worked that out of me. Another story for another time. Anyways, being late makes me anxious and leaves me feeling stupid so I don't do it.

0700 hours

I called off 15 minutes ago. She's still in there. I think she may have fallen asleep on the crapper. She done set up camp. She ain't but about 95 pounds. She can't push too much out or she'll lose half her life. LOL. I know I'm being crass. Told the folks at work I'm having home issues. If they only knew...

0715 hours

No movement.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Well I didn't get the sable, the '54 convertible, or even the platinum mine. But I did get the most important thing. I got to daydream about the most high star, the King of all, He in whom I strive to resemble, the celebrity of the season. He even autographed my heart!

Check out what He wrote:

So did you come to the party?


Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 Eves Before Christmas

3 days before Christmas and I still have 2-3 more gifts to get. I say 2-3 because the third I'm not really all that enthused about getting but since this person is a sibling and expecting it I guess I need to get it. I'm trying to give this gift out of the goodness of my heart (most appropriate don't ya think) but my heart thinks no gift is better than a contrived one. My mind on the other hand is saying kill 'em with kindness and let the streets teach them their lessons.

My mind is winning the battle...

An update on the Cycling Aran. I'm just about done. I'm halfway finished with one of the sleeves and plan to start the other one tonight. After that I'm going to knit a lining in the collar with a lighter shade of Jo Sharp Silk Aran Road. I will then spray block it (sans boobs on my mannequin. see pic.) and then insert the zipper and gift wrap. Enjoy the pics. Sorry one is darker because I couldn't really catch the cable detail with the light in my room.

I'm working on some designs of my own. No telling when they'll make it to this blog or even to full completion. In the interim I think I will start on another sweater for myself. I'm thinking either the Buttony Sweater by Katie Marcus or Killybegs by Debbie Bliss. Both have been in my Ravelry que for a minute now.

If I don't see your before Christmas, have a wonderful one and be safe.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

I Am the Phantom...

I am the phantom that lives in the house
I am the phantom that walks in and out
I am the phantom that will not shout
so no one in the house will know I'm about...

Yep, that sums it up. For the last couple of weeks I have been rising early and coming home really late. Way after others have gone to sleep I've been slipping in the house and acting like I live alone. I haven't seen the faces of some of my family members in a couple of weeks but they know when I'm home. The light in my room is on and when they knock on the door I freeze like I'm invisible until they go away. At other times I feign deafness due to the earphones surgically attached to my ears when I'm here.

I know, some of you would say that I'm wrong while others may be resentful of me for being single, childless, and able to slip in and out without someone or a some thing called familial responsibility attached to my hip. I'm not ashamed. I'm tired ya'll! Hate me, I'm good at being a villain named Single. My krytonite is loneliness and longing.

God promised to remedy my plight, hence my latest project. This picture was taken yesterday so it doesn't show my progress on today alone. Double the height and you'll see where I currently am on my Cycling Aran. I decided to knit it in the round to eliminate as much seaming as possible. I'm a few inches from dividing for the armscye.
This has gone so smooth and the yarn, Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Organic Cotton, is soooooo soft! I guess the blessings of the Lord do make me rich and add no sorrow... As if I didn't believe.
I went shopping today and bought myself a few treats and took in a movie only to come home to an IRS wage garnishment notice. UGH! I need to go see my tax man like tomorrow.

I checked out the Golden Compass this afternoon. I know all about the reviews and the uproar the church is having with the storyline and the anti-church message. I got it. I liked the movie and I plan to go see the sequel (although I will reserve the right to change my opinion as I read more up on it). I was thoroughly amused through the entire movie. Great cinema! Nicole K is my girl. She's a bad actress and so I tend to like most of her movies.

I picked up Da Truth's album Open Book today and you should check it out. Nice grooves. It's going straight to the iPod and will be my running soundtrack until I'm tired of it or find a lyric that doesn't line up.

I'm really enjoying life. It's all been worth it!


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Been So Long...

Wow, I didn't realize I had been away for so long. Crimson Purl had to bring me back. Thanks lady! It's late and I'm feeling a little under the weather but enjoy Isobel In Red by French Girl Knits and some shots of the completed Blanket Coat I crocheted. Didn't have a good enough model to model the coat but the candids are nice.

Isobel In Red

Time: Mid November- December 1st
Yarn: Sensations Cosetta, Just 6 skeins (350yds total doubled up)
Needles/Hook: US 17 and 19
Notions: 2 1 1/2" buttons

Blanket Coat


Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'll Be There. What About You?

I meant to post this on Thursday to give all you LA. crafty socialites a heads up on some events I plan(ned) to attend this weekend and would love/have loved to possibly connect with you at. Some events like the Compatto Sip N Stitch--wine, cheese, hors d'oeuvres, and great company while knitting were last night. I was so tired after work that I just couldn't make it.

Others like the Felt Club XL Holiday event I plan to hit tomorrow. Check it out!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I Crawl Because I Like Being Close to the Ground

It really bites that I can't blog at work. That's code for: brace yourself, this is gonna be a long one. This daylight savings time and work takes a lot out of me. Don't get me wrong. I love the extra hour in the mornings but it really messes me up at night and the flourescent lights at work don't make it any better. They and the flickering (useless) computer that I sit in front of all day really saps my energy. The computer at work is useless because I can't BLOG! But the moolah is nice!!

Let's jump right in, shall we.

I've been spending a lot of time with ST (Surly Teenager). She's been attached to my hip and all things auntie for a few weeks now. It's no problem though. She's a really cool kid. So cool that she's picked up crochet! FIYAH! Thats her below at another yarn spot I wanted to hit called the Knit Cafe. It's a cozy little store in Beverly Hills. You may have heard of the book Greetings from the Knit Cafe. Well this is that author's store. Nice folks with no boug at all.

Houston, I think we have a convert. She was so overwhelmed when she stepped into the store. She never knew there was such a thing as a "Yarn Store" that carried only yarn and didn't have a big box chain name *cough* *cough* Michael's/Jo-Anns *cough* *cough*. Here's ST picking out some Cascade 220 in a rich purple variegated.

And here she is practicing on some scrap yarn I had. No sense in wasting the new yarn on test work.

And here she is trying to crochet in peace but unable to hold back a laugh at her corny auntie trying to snap flicks for her blog.

I ended up not buying any yarn but instead picking up this French Girl Knits pattern called Isobel. I later picked up some Cosetta yarn from Jo-Anns. I'm doubling up.

For the last couple of weeks I have been smitten with the Cycling Aran by Hello yarn. It's been in my Ravelry cue for a few months but I've been feeingl the need to make it in earnest. Two weeks ago I swung by another LYS in Santa Monica called Wild Fiber. Before I say anything negative about them, I will give them one more opportunity to redeem themselves.

I picked up a ball of Elisabeth Lavold Silky Flamme to swatch with and fell in love almost 90%. I just couldn't do it. I decided that in order to get the proper gauge I would have to go from a 9 to a 10.5 needle which would IMO make the sweater too airy. I didn't give up though and kept looking for a good replacement. The only problem I had was finding the right yarn in the same rich gunmetal color and reasonably priced. After searching hard and not settling I finally found it!

So this weekend I decided to do my own little yarn crawl. Just like in my mall hop days, I decided to hit a few shops I had never been to before to say I went. I started out in Santa Monica at A Manos Yarn Center. I've heard a lot about this shop and wasn't disappointed. The ladies in there were having a good ole time when I walked in. They had the music going and about 8 of them around the table just yakking it up and knitting. I jumped right into the conversation. I couldn't find my elusive Cycling Aran yarn there but I did pick up a pair of size #19 needles, and some pretty Rowan Calmer and Berroco Bonsai in reds to start scrumbling for a shawl I'm making for a new friend. Annette and Shenita (the owners) were wonderful. Would you believe I had been talking to Shenita off and on on Ravelry and never even knew she was the owner of A Manos? Well here's your plug girl!.

After leaving A Manos, I drove on over to Compatto also in Santa Monica. Early last week I had gotten an invite to be in the Compatto group on Ravelry and decided I should go check out the spot. This store is niiice! Well decorated and well stocked. It's a small spot but nicely organized. Nancy, Bonnie and Grace are the bomb! They carry lots of Blue Sky Alpacas, Rio de la Plata, and Malabrigo. Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton is what I chose for my Cycling Aran. Check it out! I hope he loves it!

A few more things. Picked up this cute pattern called Instant Oatmeal by Monkey Suits. I think Mercy will look cute in this for the winter. Finally something to use that RYC I bought a while ago. BTW, I don't think I ever showed you all the yarn I got for Arrica's Boobholder. I need to get it popping cause I missed her birthday. I've had this yarn for nearly 3 months now and haven't started yet.

I promise I'll be back this week (Lw). I got some great events going on this weekend to hip you to.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DAMN Gina!

Yep! Damn, dag nabbit, dang, holey smokes batman! Yeah, I did it. I done put the the last sleeve on my blanket coat on upside down. Whatever! I was listening to Marvin Winans and Tiffany Laing on my iPod and got caught up the jazzy feel good tunes.



Friday, October 19, 2007

An Old Newbie

Ya'll pray for me cause I ain't used to this! Hence I am at the end of my first full work week. A temp job that requires the normal working hours of 8am to 5pm. I thought that when I stopped working over 2 years ago that traffic became extinct. I also don't recall one hour for lunch being so short. And whispering on the phone so other people can't hear you. WHAT!! Lord Have Mercy on my work atrophied body and Praise God for my answered prayers! I'm down with it and grateful. REALLLY grateful. I got to buy a new suit today. Yarn tomorrow! You know I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat!

I can't blog at work. Dang filters! Well, I can but I can't see the pictures so my orientation is all off and so what's the use. Been knitting though. Not with a lot of direction or speed but nonetheless knitting and crocheting. Check out my Wrap-sody in Cream & Pewter Blanket Coat I'm crocheting as a gift for my Pastor. Found the pattern in the current issue of Crochet Mag! It took me only a couple of days and then I got side tracked at work. Also below is a pic of the Drop Stitch Lace Tank from Fitted Knits. I'm knitting it in the round instead of flat. Lastly, check out my new book, Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns. I'm so excited about it. I was looking for a better leaf stitch for the baby blanket I was making and figured I should cut back on buying pattern books and start buying more technique books. BTW, check the sidebar for some new great books!

We're having a big fete at The Motel this weekend. TG is turning 70 and I'm reverting to slave to make sure his day goes well. I don't see why we don't just cook and tell him we had a party. I know. I'm bad!

I've missed you all. Talk to you soon!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Two Sides Of the Same Petal

Back in August I volunteered to test knit a cardigan for Stefanie Japel called Petal. Petal is a maternity sweater that can also be worn when not pregnant. The fit can be altered by how you button or not button the fronts (petals). When completely closed the petal effect is very obvious.

Knit in the raglan top-down style common to Japel and familiar to those who have knit her projects in the past, it's a pretty quick and easy knit. If you are expecting or just looking for a great gift for those in you're life who are, then this may be a perfect project for you. Non-pregnant style mavens will enjoy this too. Below you'll see pics of the sweater belted (forgive my short waisted dress form), just to give you and idea of how to change it up.

At this time the pattern isn't available yet for purchase and I'm not sure if it's going in a book or mag but when I get that info I will most def share it with you.

Time: September 8th - October 3rd
Plymouth Encore in Wedgewood Blue, Just 4 skeins (200yds each)
Needles/Hook: US 8 and 3

About The Author

Stefanie Japel is the author of the popular Fitted Knits (March 2007) and the upcoming Glam Knits (March 2008). She has been a contributing designer in many well known publications including Vogue Knitting Magazine as well as for yarn companies Tilli Tomas, Artful Yarns and seen on the show Knitty Gritty. Stefanie and her husband Nate reside in New Mexico and are expecting their first child in January 2008. Check out her other great patterns on her site at Glampyre Knits.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Motel Babylon...The Saga Continues

I said I'd tell you so let the Benita Betrell in me get to it!

About three weeks ago DM asked if I wouldn't mind booking an indefinite extended stay for a guest named Peter Pan (PP for short), his wife Sister Dejected (henceforth called SDJ) and two daughters Surly Teenager 16 (ST) and Lying Butterfly 8 (LB). Originally there were 3 kids but when they found out that the Motel added a surcharge on for every kid they ditched him. Apparently Little Steppin Fetchit belonged to SDJ's sister so she sent him back home. Where ever that was. Don't worry though over the course of their stay he makes numerous appearances to use The Motel ammenities all the while acting less than intelligent, shiftless, and obstinant. 3 year olds shouldn't be this way but when you hang around PP you are bound to pick up all sorts of backwards habits including a groupie like love for 50 Cent.

I didn't mind. Heck, they needed help so why not.

It began as it always does. PP and SDJ agreed to pay the room rate on time, and buy their own food in exchange for the upper level First Room Suite with Dining Room attached and in short distance from the spa bathroom. They agreed to smoke in the DESIGNATED, ahem designated smoking areas, park their two cars in their designated parking spots, attend to their own children (this is absolutely not the Plaza Hotel and not a one of them is named Eloise), get jobs, and be all around merry to the other guests and staff.

But no...Since being here they have not bought a drop of food to feed their young spawn. Have not parked in their designated parking. Have commenced to smoking not only on the front veranda but also on the side porch (outside said asthmatic staffers window), in the storage areas, and I believe in the spa bathroom - turning it from spa to putrid water hole. Have not gotten nan job, walk around looking despondent and blue to everyone, leave their kids at the drop of a hat to go nowhere but somewhere. Eat all the food in their paths, mix all their smoke filled dirty clothes with DM and TG's in their clothes hamper (TG is still reeling from that one), dont' clean up and and guess what? The Coup D'etat! Bring home a ROTTWEILER!

YESSSSSS! These negroes guests have no place of their own and can barely afford the cost to wake up in the morning but can afford to go and get themselves a damn puppy!

TG said they couldn't have it, but they've figured out a way to get DM onboard. I guess that may end today as the rott has gone a number two on the lobby carpet. But that's just a small part. The next morning after his arrival he was in the storage (yes near said staff member's storage) presumably in his cage crying to all high heaven. Yelping and and barking right outside of my window (of course) and within earshot of TG.

Their stay thus far has been full of fireworks, including a very explosive episode with said staff member, a large cast-iron skillet, and the head of PP. I refuse to be bullied.

I've got much more to tell you, but I'll stop right here. Next week I think it may be a good idea to give you a primer on who everyone actually is. Like a list of charactere at the beginning of a play.

Until then,


Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Bold, The Black & The Bourgeois

...was the name. Nobody Jones Boutique hosted their 2007 Fall Fashion Show last night and I was in the house! I had a really good time. The clothes were bold, fresh and fun! The atmosphere was cool and comfortable. Lot's of beautiful down home people dressed stylishly casual and all looking like family. For a moment I felt like I had stepped onto the set of Girlfriends.

Anyhoo, enjoy the pics. Sorry some are blurry, some of the models were strutting hard and FAST. Just in case you are interested. Nobody Jones is a fun boutique in the heart of the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles that specializes in hip urban inspired femininely kitchy fashions for women. Many of the items are made by local artisans. Check the link for the address.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh I Think They Like Me!

Whew! I've been neglecting you all. Not intentionally of course. I'm going on my 8th! Say it with me, 8th interview in 3 days for a position. The first day, I interviewed with 2 people, 2 days later I interviewed with 5 additional people one after the other and tomorrow I'm slated to meet with the final two!

Yay!! I'm truly grateful for the opportunity and I can't knock the company for wanting to make sure I'm a great fit. This position is strong on team playing and it shows in that they want to make certain the entire team will be comfortable with me. I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck!

I've been meaning to send an extra special thanks over to Christie for sending me the Rebecca Baby & Kids mag. Girlie, you just don't know that you have almost single-handedly helped me finish my Christmas shopping for the youngins in my life. Smooches!!

When I write again, I hope to be gainfully employed!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

With You In Spirit and Mind

Wishing much love and support to all the students and protesters black and white out supporting the Jena 6 today in Jena, LA. Injustices such as this must stop!

I haven't seen a ribbon assigned yet so I co-opted a black one. Check out some of the great blogger commentary and others from my fellow scribes.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Were I Be

I know some of you are wondering, "What in blue blazes! Where is Kinky Coils?" I've been around but extremely busy. For the last two weeks, I took a temp assignment and have been away from my computer during the day.

The firm that I worked for turned out to be such a blessing in so many ways. It was an industrial engineering firm which allowed me to see the flip side of a certain aspect in real estate. You may not know that I'm a former real estate manager, hence industrial engineering plays a small part. The company was a partnership of two women and the principals really knew their stuff. Upon my last day one of the owners really imparted some wisdom that is going to help me in the future.

On to knitting! Because of my surge in cash flow I have been working on a number of new projects that I can't get too detailed about now, as I have to go but here's a sneak peek:

  1. Regan (Rowan 41) - Needs some trim and the sleeves.
  2. Rebecca Doll - I think I'll call her Sassy Hotpants or maybe just Floosy!
  3. Boobholder - Gift for Arrica
  4. Infant Petal Blanket - My own design for baby cousin
  5. Test Knit for a well known knitwear designer.

When I come back, I'll have pictures and details on some of the sales I hit. I'll also have the latest installment of The Motel saga. So much has gone on here, you won't want to miss it.


The New Fall Knitty 2007 is up!

-Check out the FABO hoodie called ROAM. Too cute, I want to do that one next. Take a peek at MR. GREENJEANS! This would be cute if made a little more fitted to accentuate the empire ribbing and with shorter more blouson sleeves. For those of us who love shawls or at least making them as gifts, MUIR is a great little number with enough same repeats for nearly mindless knitting. Lastly, the yarn in CHERIE AMOUR - Frutos Del Bosque, has great color variegation.

Tahki Stacy Charles Launches NYYarns.Com!

-TSC yarns has created a user website to go along with their new line of yarn, both called NYYarns. They've added an online shop that allows you to purchase directly patterns AND yarn. I put emphasis on yarn because many of your big named yarn makers don't allow you to buy yarn directly from them. If you like TSC, Tahki Stacy Charles, and Filatura di Crosa, you may like NYYarns.

Yarn Harlot in Los Angeles!

- If this is your first time hearing about this then it's probably too late for you. The show was booked almost instantly. RSVPs were strongly recommended but walk-ins are still welcome on a first come basis. Where: Mark Taper Forum (LA Main Library) @ 1pm.

Auf Wiedersehen!


Friday, August 31, 2007

Wisdom is always useful but not always fun. I had planned to tell you all a drippingly sarcastic story about the goings on here at The Motel but Wisdom, uppity anti-social booger she is, advised me not to. Sorry, I probably should have kept even the mention of the idea to myself. Here's a teaser, "bathing everyday is a GOOD thing." and "if the ants don't pay rent, they should not be allowed to shack up here!"

On the flipside of the script, I had intended to put up a Throwback FO on yesterday but after looking at all of the poor pictures I took of stuff back in the day I decided not too. I may just go ahead and put them up anyways. But I don't want you all to be distracted by the psychedelic lighting effects where the whites look green, the greens look purple, and the purples look like doo doo brown. Consider yourself forewarned!

Not to leave the elephant in the room ignored. I'm bored to the diz-eath with my current knitting projects. Oh lack of money! The bane of my knitting existence has unwittingly kept me away from knitting and posting on my blog. At least I've lost some weight. Yippee!

Here are some websites and great blogs both crafty and lifestyle (irreverant) that I have been rendezvousing at. I'm sure you'll find at least one to add to your blog reader or your favorites. I'm sure that if I notice an undisclosed drop in your blog posts I'll know where to find you! ;-P


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Summer Pain

Tis what it tis... I've been away from blogland. No not really, I've just been away from my blog flat and have been laying on the couch of some other great bloggers through my Google Reader. So much has been going on here at The Motel but nothing actually here on the premises to pique your interest. Everything has been happening either off site, or in my mind.

I've been knitting and languishing, hitting the treadmill, and languishing. Sweating like a greek in the sauna that is my bedroom waging war on the damned ants! The California heat this August is not much different than in previous years, I just can't get to a room that doesn't have wood paneling and be able to layout in my underoos at the same time. And the ants! Oh the horrible ants are taking damn over! We've had so many ants that I think immigration laws are in order.

The ants are coming out of every crack and crevice here at The Motel. They're not even looking for food but have attacked my water! Water! What sound-minded bug runs to the water? I know it's dry outside and we didn't get much rain this past winter but dang! They ain't gonna be saved running to the water. No salvation for ants.

On the knitting front I have been miserable. The worsted weight silk blend I was using to make Notorious just didn't feel good in my hands. I think it was entirely too thick for the top. With a little research I learned that it would thin out after handwashing and blocking, but I didn't want to take that chance. Secondly as you can see from the photos, I made great headway on my Anthro Redux project but unfortunately I had to quit quick fast and in a hurry. I broke out in a rash all over my neck and parts of my face and hands. Why? Because I have wool sensitivities and the wool fibers mixed with the sweat I made from the hot temps didn't mix well. My neck got bumpy and two shades darker (TMI? sorry but I'll save you the pictures). I had to cover those areas with vaseline and shea butter to stop itching and to soothe the burning of my skin. I don't think there was anything wrong with the actual yarn as a milder version of this has happened before when I was wearing a wool hat-- pure wool and I just don't mix. I was chancing it working with the Berocco Ultra Alpaca but I had no problems with it.

The ultimate solution for my wool rash was to bag up those skeins and start all over with some Lion Brand Wool-Ease which is an acrylic and wool blend. It was a great alternative and I was able to get it in one of the hottest colors of the season, grey. My goal is to have the mock up finished by this weekend. From there I plan to use the design elements and confidence I've gained from taking this leap on actually designing and creating my own garments. I have so many ideas in my head. BTW, thanks for all the sweet compliments on my previous posts and on Ravelry. I so appreciate it!


Throwback Thursdays ~ FO: Cleaves

Cleaves. A great concept but not truly suited for the buxom knitter. Originally made for myself but ultimately given to some one who didn't want to learn to knit it themselves. Designed by Katherine Summer O'neal for Knitty Spring '05.


Time: Oct. 2006 - Nov. 2006
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky, Lemon Drop, 5 skeins (125 yds each)
Needles/Hook: US 11 circs and dpns


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Throwback Thursdays ~ FO: Aran Weight Lace Shell

In continuing with Throwback Thursdays, peep the Aran Weight Lace Shell. This was my first lace project (I can be ambitious at times). Originally made for myself but better suited for my older sister so I gave it to her. The pattern is from

Blue Raglan ShellBlue Raglan Shell-2
Time: March 2006 - April 2006
Yarn: Elann Endless Summer Connemara, Cashmere Blue, 7.5 balls (91yds each)
Needles/Hook: US 7


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Redux You!

The Anthro Redux is working out nicely. I'm finishing up the right front and will be switching to the left front before the days out. I'm very excited about this project. I've been in an emotional slump of late and usually when I find myself in this place I need to do something fantasmic to pull myself out. There's nothing like creating something fresh and new to do just that.

Yippee! Potter Craft News, the publisher of Annie Modesitt's soon to be released book Romantic Handknits has just released a teaser pattern. It's called
Notorious-not quite a tank and not nearly a sweater. A great little number to transition from summer to fall with. This will be the perfect project for me to be able to use those 7 skeins of Rowan RYC Silk Aran I bought last week. Hey! They were on sale for 30% off! I had yard sale money! This was my only splurge, since the rest of my purse went to bills. I'm STASH BUSTING! I will actually be getting the book this weekend as it is being released on the 18th.

Yesterday, I found another great project. It's the Shedir hat from Knitty Fall 2004. Here's a really nice FO from
Art Class Failure's blog. I plan to use that aubergine Tahki Cotton Classic I got from my Coffee Swap Partner Ann K.

Ahh! I'm feeling inspired again,