Friday, June 26, 2009

Remember those nights when you used to rush home before the street lights came on so you could do your homework, eat dinner, and wash up before the Special Presentation of the whole Michael Jackson video? I mean the whole video. I do. It was like being at the movies. My Mom would even pop us popcorn and give us sodas.

Remember this one:

I thought I was Iman for days after.

Kamika we'll miss you Michael

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Motown Girl Spotlight of the Week

Ya'll come check me out over at Motown Girl. I'm the Spotlight of the Week.

Here's an excerpt:

What advice would you give someone who was thinking of going natural?:

1. As with everything in your life, ask yourself why you want to do this. Truly delve deep into yourself and look around. Going natural was the best thing for me because it promoted my health, improved my self-esteem, and re-ignited a fire in me.

2. Don't make a decision because it's faddish or because you like a certain style, or because you hope you'll have a loose silky curly texture. Make a commitment to YOU as a whole, because if you're committed, when the naysayers come it won't affect you.

3. Become informed!

Read up on hair and haircare as if you were studying to become a stylist yourself. Learn about products, ingredients, and styling tools. If need be find a good natural stylist in your area and pick their brain.

The more informed you are about haircare the less foolishness you will fall for (RIO anybody?) and the more money you will save on useless products that don't work for your hair.

4. Start now by widening your definition of beauty.

Add people with hair similar to yours to your beauty ideal. Create a look book or online album to inspire yourself and keep you motivated.

5. Join a supportive network.

Some good online sites are Motown Girl, Nappturality, Long Hair Care Forum, etc. But don't just stop there. You need a supportive network for your life in general. Hair is only a small part of it. If your spirit is content then your hair will be beautiful.

6. Remember it's your hair!

If you are committed to a healthy you and healthy hair then the occasional pressing, flat-ironing, etc. should be fine. It's your hair! Don't become re-imprisoned by other peoples ideas about what you should do to your hair.

7. Just do it! It'll grow back.

For the rest of the article stop by MotownGirl.Com and check it out. I really appreciate being spotlighted. MotownGirl is a great site to get informed about natural hair care.

Kamika facial video to be posted tomorrow on my YouTube channel. So stop on by!