Thursday, June 28, 2007

Variety Is The Spice of Life

Right? On Tuesday I went out and purchased the Fitted Knits book by Stephanie Japel. Upon leaving the store I immediately moseyed over to LisCat to buy another skein of Deluxe Worsted 100% Wool. Assuming I didn't have enough at home, I plopped down the $9.50 for it in a pretty lilacy color. While I was passing over my hard won (seeing as I have no job, it wasn't earned) money I couldn't help but complain in my mind that, "Wow her prices have gone up." and "Yea K, she's expensive to be a no-frills yarn spot." For some reason she felt the need to tell me that the yarn I was buying was the best. "That it knit up easily and washed sooooo well!" she schmoozed. I bought it anyways thinking it would make a great or shall I say Perfect Periwinkle Turtleneck Tube Vest [TTV]. At least it would be cheap for today. I already had 3 skeins at home and stash busting is a lot cheaper than buying commando.

As soon as I got home I went to work on the TTV and immediately joined the Fitted Knits KAL hosted by Robin (Yarn Crawl) on Typepad. Looks like a good industrous group of ladies over there.

As usual I had to make my usual modifications. The Wool I bought is booty!! BOOTY do you hear me!! It's 100% wool! Duh! It's itching my hands. Actually, it's not that bad. It is a little scratchy and it does hold heat, but it knits very prettily (see the swatch). I knit up 1 swatch and my gauge was right on. It's just, just, just... Too raw and natural for what I'm making. Maybe it's the summer temps here in So Cal but this yarn looks like it's giving off heat vapors. I really can't see wearing this directly on my skin in any season. Wife beater or fitted blouse here we come!

So what's the resolution and why do you see two colors in the pics? I decided to create a backless version less the turtleneck using the remainder of that beautiful Berroco Ultra Alpaca I used for my Mom's Sambuca jacket. It's so soffffffffft! And it doesn't itch me like I got fungus.

So we'll see what comes of the both of em.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Yea! Hot chocolate with Hazelnut time!

The Boobholder is finished. I decided to scrap the edging and go a little plainer. I'm not totally finished but wearable finished. I intend to put a nice butterfly clasp at the neckline and go á la Lana Turner 40's pinup style. Check out the neckline in the pic to the left.

Hopefully I will be back at work (a real corporate job) soon and I can't wait to wear this sweater with a great pin-striped pencil skirt and some really vampy striking heels. Oh and I can't forget the back seamed hosiery.

No no no! striking not slutty. I'm not trying to draw any unwanted attention. IRL I liken my style to that of Traci Ellis Ross of Girlfriends. Corporate but with a little twist and color to make me standout from the herd.

...alas, let me stop counting my chickens before they hatch. I am looking forward to going back to work though. I appreciate the two years I have been off. I've really been able to get grounded and find my creative voice. Work is no longer and hopefully will never again be my life. I'm so happy that I no longer introduce myself as Kamika K, chief such-and-such of such-and-such company. Now I'm just Kamika. This lady of leisure life is for the birds. I need some interesting conversation
**money**, some numbers to crunch **yarn cash**, and deadlines **new shoes**. Living leisurely 100% of the time is great when you reside on the QE2 and have not a care in the world. I don't!


Time: June 11th - June 25th.
Yarn: Berroco Cotton Twist, Just under 6 skeins
Needles: Size 10 US
Modifications: Shortened the sleeves and omitted the trim. Will be adding butterfly clasp
Extras: Due to 2 different dye lots I worked in a nice ombre blending. It shows up as slightly heathered yellow stripes. I ripped back the sleeves twice and took out the expansion stitches. Cotton doesn't have very good memory.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Actual WIPs & FOs To Come Soon

I know, I know, I know. Where are the pictures of the stuff on your needles? Oh désolé mes amours. It's coming. I've been working on a lot lately and making great progress. Most of the WIPs though have been production of my jewelry for other stores. I honestly didn't know what having even a small line entailed. It is rewarding though to see a dream come to fruition. Ahem! Did I mention that my pockets are salivating at the prospect of gaining real money for real work?

I'm currently working on the Minisweater (aka. the boobholder) from Glampyre Knits as well as daydreaming about wrapping up Regan. I've once again re-invoked the use of that gorgeous Sunny Yellow Berroco Cotton Twist that was originally envisioned as the Fat Bottom Bag and then the modified Esme. For some reason the Minisweater is taking me a lot longer to finish than anticipated. Maybe I'm just tired or maybe the cotton keeps slipping through my fingers and around and around on my needles. Nevertheless it will get done.

On the home front. I had to apologize to The Bully [TB] and as usual by association, The Geezer [TG] because I snapped off TB on late yesterday evening because she was being a mad reveler at 11pm at night. Jeeves was here as usual egging her on like the Pied Piper and the mice. Guess who the chief mouse was? I, as what seems to be the unfortunate usual, was of the Martha ilk. You know Martha of the Mary, Martha, and Lazarus clique. The New Testament busybody? Mad because I have to do all the work while Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus. Yes, her! I was so trying to be about busying myself to sleep.

I must remember that TB is worthy of respect and honor solely because of who she is. Her revelry is not a bad thing, it's actually rather nice, at a decent time of day. I also couldn't refrain myself from snapping up Jeeves. The sad thing is, I was never angry just annoyed. I have no plans to apologize in that direction. It needed to be done albeit in a more civilized manner.

Pics in the next post! I promise unless I get a newsflash.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mark Your Calendars!

On August 7th the latest penning by Annie Modesitt will be released to the crafty public. The book is called Romantic Hand knits: 26 Flirtatious Designs That Flatter Your Figure (Potter Craft, $27.50). I have seen some of the preview pics and this is going to be a stunner. Check them out below. (Please do not copy the photos)

*All photos appear courtesy of Annie Modesitt with her expressed permission.

Curvy Girls will love this book. It has lots of waist cinching designs with leeway to accommodate the fuller bust. Many of the silhouettes look as if they were made for the über curvy without being unflattering or less than ladylike. If you don't believe me, take a second look at that skirt on the cover. The model looks like she is not lacking in the caboose area and as such the skirt looks really good on her. The stylish profiles are ultra-feminine with a little Elizabethan redux thrown in. Modesitt has also included some flirty accessories as well. Including some of her head turning hats.

I haven't had the opportunity to view this book yet so I can't tell you about the sizing or the appropriateness of the designs based on an individual knitter's skill level. Hopefully these things will not be an issue nor will finding the suggested yarn or yarn replacement. I can say that from the many pics I have seen the designs look timeless, sensuously soft, and fun knits.

About The Author

Annie Modesitt has written numerous books and been a contributing designer in many well known publications including Vogue Knitting Magazine, McCalls, and Interweave Knits Magazine. Annie is also the creator of Flip Knit, a creative flip book that teaches individual knitting techniques. A self taught knitter since 1983, she knits in the combination method. Annie lives in St. Paul, MN with her husband and kids.

The book doesn't hit shelves until later this summer, but if you would like to pre-order yours Amazon is offering a 34% discount off of the list price on all presale orders. If you are interested please feel free to hit the link at the bottom of this post or in the side bar.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Knitting Daily Has Launched!

For those of you who are not in the know. Knitter's Daily has finally launched! In the last few months I have been receiving the weekly newletter filled with little blurbs about knitter's around the world and projects. Lot's of socks! You sock knitters will loooove this! From the dripping sarcasm I'm sure you can deduct that I have not been bitten by the knit sock bug. Thank God! I've seen many of you sock lovers and some of you look terminal. Calomine lotion does not help with this rash.

Anyhoo, the online mag is an offshoot of
Interweave Press, the makers of our beloved Interweave Knits, Interweave Crochet, and Knitscene mags to name a few. The online mag has taken all of the online and free patterns from the individual sites and put them all together in a good size (65 so far) pattern library in addition to linking to each individual site for content. It's nice that everything is in one convenient place. Headed by Sandi Wiseheart, I'm sure it will be a good resource for all knitters!

Make sure you hit the shoe gallery!


Knitty Summer 2007

Knitty Summer is out! It came out a couple of days ago. I meant to mention it but I got caught up with a product deadline. Check out the Wisp. It is really pretty and ethereal. The author says, "[it] will keep out the chill." I don't know how it would. I think for some of us with more endowed tiggly biddys it will make the chill more obvious. At least in the lighter color. LOL. I still plan to make it though. It doesn't look like a boring workup at all. It will work with some cute jeans and a nice (not so exposed) tank under the setting California sun. Askew is another cut one.

Go see for your self,


Thursday, June 14, 2007

God Please.....

...nah, just allow me to live throught it. These people are really driving me to drink knit! Man, I have never met a bunch of folks that like to keep up some mess. Families are messy endeavors. Bonding with said members of a certain family is even messier. Did I mention that I'm a neat freak? Thank you God for my subterranean penthouse apartment.

Folks don't want to go home. Folks don't want to be quiet in the midnight and early morning hours. I don't know when we got a butler and a maid, but all of a sudden Jeeves and Hazel report for duty every morning and stay till really late at night. It would be nice if they cleaned up something or put in some glove action. But then again, I think they only work for The Bully and by association, The Geezer.

What we really need around here is a cook! Room service is seriously lacking here at the motel. The Geezer gave that up a long time ago when he retired from his day job. Now what does that have to do with us? AND, The Bully only cooks when she has an audience. I refuse to applaude when I'm unsatisfied after the 1st act. LOL!

I'm moving to the Hilton. I can stay in Paris' room while she is away at "La Chateau du L.A. Twin Tower Lockup." I refuse to lay in her bed though.

I'm just funning wit ya!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Inspired Gifts Store Now Open!

I finally got a chance to open the Inspired Gifts store. The store will carry handmade crochet and/or knit and beaded jewelry with a funky twist. Lots of fresh and natural stones, lampwork and cloisonne beadwork as well as some handmade bags and wearables. I will be showcasing not only my handi-work but also pieces from other local L.A. Artisans.

Feel free to stop by the shop at . Or just click to the right in the sidebar. FYI, all transactions are secure and encrypted via Paypal. I accept all major credit cards. A Paypal account is not needed. I currently have listed earrings, but I expect to post some great pendants and other jewelry by the end of next week. I'm getting to be pretty swamped. In a good way of course!

With Love,


Saturday, June 2, 2007

Rwanda Knits...Get Involved

Hope rises up in Rwanda! After years of devastating civil war, Rwanda is rising up with hope through it's women. How so? Through knitting with an entreprenurial spirit.

Rwanda is a small landlocked country in the middle of Africa. Bordered by Uganda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania it is an agricultural land with the highest density population in Africa of 9 million people. Most recently the country has entered into the world psyche through the infamous 1994 genocide between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes that took the lives of over 800,000 people. A vivid depiction of this was portrayed in the historical drama film
Hotel Rwanda. The film is a very riveting and factual account of what happened in the land. Of course there were some fictional characters added for Hollywood's sake but all-in-all very accordant with the true story. Because of this war and the countries history of colonization, Rwanda is very poor.

Recently I stumbled upon the
Rwanda Knits website while searching for some new knitting inspiration. Started in July of 2003 by Cari Clement, then president of Bond America, and with the approval of the USA for UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees), Rwanda Knits is a project that, "provides hand-operated, American-made knitting machines, technical and business training to Rwandan and refugee women living in Rwanda to enable them to increase their incomes through economically sustainable knitting cooperatives, producing garments for both the domestic and export markets." Rwanda

Under the FA'CED (Fibre and Craft Entrepreneurial Development) Rwanda Knits provides classes and technique training in fiber crafting for over 1,500 women. Some of the refugee knitters even made $3,000 net! That's a lot of money in Rwanda. Heck, it's a lot of money here! Just think about how much farther it goes over there when the normal per annum income is less than $365 (less than $1 per day).

In May of 2005, Rwanda Knits was awarded a grant from USAID totaling $99,000 but that was two years ago and is not enough to help these women rebuild their land's economy from the ground up. Donations of time and especially money are needed. Small amounts help! If you are interested in donating please visit the website here.

NOTE: All pictures shown were taken from the Rwanda Knits webpage and are the expressed property and copyright of that site and it's owners.


Friday, June 1, 2007

Regan WIP Update

Regan is coming along nicely. I've been moving kind of slow on it due to being very busy. The days have been flying by and with the exception of a few ongoing appointments I don't know where the time is going.

The stitch pattern on this cardigan is reminiscent of the eye on a peacock feather. To display this the wrong side of the pattern is the side that will show. The pattern has proven to be a very easy one to follow (once you get past some of the British terminology). The TSC Cotton Classic is working up nicely with minimal splitting and a nice drape. It's not stiff at all, which is good because I had lamented about not getting a cotton/rayon blend instead. Hopefully with proper washing this cardi will maintain it's shape without the need for future re-blocking.

Hopefully I'll have this one finished by next week so I can start on Esme. I plan on modifying it to be open backed, sort of like Angela's Apron in the 2007 Spring Interweave Knits mag. I don't actually like the Angela's Apron finished product but I do like the idea behind it. I can really see rocking this with some great jeans and sandals this summer. Another modification will be the scrapping of the Rowan 4 ply Cotton for the more lustrous Berroco Cotton Twist with twist of lime and light green Tahki Dream thrown in. Green and Yellow go well together and Yellow is the hottest color this season. Or was that purple? Oh well.

Then again, I may just start Esme in the interim. It's a crochet project after all and that means a quick workup. I trust that the only hinderance will be the modifications, but isn't that what we live for?


Coffee Swap 2 Swag!

Who says only celebrities get swag? I got my Coffee Swap #2 package yesterday and I love it! I feel so special. This was my first swap and I got the best partner. Ann over at Yellow House Treasures really knows how to make you feel good. I absolutely love everything she put in my package. Take a look:


(from l to R)
Green Tea Jasmine Tea Cookies, Octavia Tea (Ginger Peach), Botanicals Indulgence Tea (Sparkle Black)

Bottom: Harney & Sons Tea ( Bangkok: coconut, lemongrass, ginger; Paris: currants, caramel, citrus; Hot Cinnamon Spice: cinnamon,orange peel, clove


(from l to R)
1st Column:
Body Bar (Jasmine & Orange), Sea Spa (Shea Butter Soap)
2nd Column:
Splendid Specialties Tea Infused Chocolates (Jasmine Green, Emperor's Ginger, Imperial Chai)
3rd Column: Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea


3 balls of Rowan Handknit Cotton (Buttercup), 2 hanks Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton Classic (Wine/Aubergine), Card

Well the tea cookies were gone about an hour after I received the package. So yummy! I now understand why Ann said that she had to hurry up and mail my package, before she ate them. I hear you! This morning I tried the Ginger Peach tea and it was a hit.

Thank you so much Ann!