Friday, June 1, 2007

Regan WIP Update

Regan is coming along nicely. I've been moving kind of slow on it due to being very busy. The days have been flying by and with the exception of a few ongoing appointments I don't know where the time is going.

The stitch pattern on this cardigan is reminiscent of the eye on a peacock feather. To display this the wrong side of the pattern is the side that will show. The pattern has proven to be a very easy one to follow (once you get past some of the British terminology). The TSC Cotton Classic is working up nicely with minimal splitting and a nice drape. It's not stiff at all, which is good because I had lamented about not getting a cotton/rayon blend instead. Hopefully with proper washing this cardi will maintain it's shape without the need for future re-blocking.

Hopefully I'll have this one finished by next week so I can start on Esme. I plan on modifying it to be open backed, sort of like Angela's Apron in the 2007 Spring Interweave Knits mag. I don't actually like the Angela's Apron finished product but I do like the idea behind it. I can really see rocking this with some great jeans and sandals this summer. Another modification will be the scrapping of the Rowan 4 ply Cotton for the more lustrous Berroco Cotton Twist with twist of lime and light green Tahki Dream thrown in. Green and Yellow go well together and Yellow is the hottest color this season. Or was that purple? Oh well.

Then again, I may just start Esme in the interim. It's a crochet project after all and that means a quick workup. I trust that the only hinderance will be the modifications, but isn't that what we live for?



TheKnittingBlogbyMrPuffytheDog said...

Dear Kamika,

I wonder if you could help me out. I'm a new blogger and I've just joined the CA knitters Ring - and I'm struggling how to add the "button." I see that you are also on blogspot - so I hope you can explain what you did. I have managed to add the link and the photo - both through "Page Elements" but can't seem to figure out how to make them connect. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Claudia

Kamika said...

Claudia, I responded on your blog!

TheKnittingBlogbyMrPuffytheDog said...

Dear Kamika. Thank you so much for your help. I'm very tired myself so I'm going to give it a rest and try and make the changes tomorrow. Thank you for your help.

I did save the "button" to my own computer - was that correct? But I had to add it as a page "element" and that option didn't have any place to add Html gobbily gook. I guess I don't understand if the "button" will magically appear once I make the changes to the text.

Thanks again. Claudia

Sheila said...

Regan is coming along nicely... love the details. I just started learning how to knit and can't wait to get it pact down so I can crank out some beautiful pieces like yours.

Virtuous said...

I have never purchased a Rowan Mag before either but you making me what to get #41!!