Wednesday, April 29, 2009

London Calling....

Hey all! I'm in London right now getting ready to jump on the train to Paris. I'm enjoying myself but can't wait to get back to share the details and pictures with you all.

Just wanted to say Hi!

Cheers and Au Revoir til my return

Kamika jet setting

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

Opinions are sometimes like virginity.  It's good to hold on to them a little longer and share them with that special person.  Otherwise all that mental mind hoeing can't be good.

Why dude at Sephora today get mad at me when he realized I was only exchanging a product and not buying anything new?  I could have sworn someone lied to me and told me that didn't work on commission.  It was like he went from being all lights, camera, action to brownout mode.

Don't repeat what I say and act like you're telling me something new.  I was there for the original conversation.  I know who told you the whoopty whoop.

I don't like men to be giggly.  It's fine after he's gotten to know me but don't be giggly before.  If he's giggling it means I'm bored. 

Joan on Girlfriends was dating a guy with wide hips.  I still get shocked everytime I see it in person.

I loves me some Fritters from Jim Dandy's in the South Central.

Kamika I'm getting itchy, which means I must be sleepy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

You Know What Irks Me?: The Reverse Race Sympathy Card

I was all set to post about the "Anti-Role Model" but while watching one of my favorite shows, The Amazing Race, I saw this mess that made me mad.  What mess, pray tell?  The REVERSE RACE SYMPATHY CARD.  

You may be asking yourself, "now what is the Reverse Race Sympathy Card?"  The Reverse Race Sympathy Card, not to be confused with Reverse Racism, is when someone of another race or someone at a momentary disadvantage tries to find sympathy and/or justification for their foul actions by calling out the fact that someone else, usually a black person [or insert your minority here], should allow them pass for their insulting behaviour because "the black person/minority knows how it is."  As seen in the video below at around the 3:24 mark.  Margie is accusing Jen and Kisha of laughing at her son's deafness and trying to shame them into contriteness by calling out the fact that they are black and they should know how it feels.   WHAT!!!   

How absurd to equate blackness with deafness. How exploitative of his deafness.  Luke isn't special, he just can't hear.  He's still able bodied, he just can't hear.  Equally disturbing to me is the tendency of some in our society to equate the fight for civil rights of African Americans to the current fight for homosexual rights or even better the Feminist agenda.  Entirely different issues with entirely different purposes.  I think it's really shady to feign empathy with someone for the benefit of having strength in numbers all the while exploiting them with the intent of distancing yourself from them once the battle is won.  

I thought Margie was way off base.  The fact that Jen and Kisha were black should have never been mentioned.  Her comments, obviously were not well thought out and in the heat of the moment, but they were still spiteful just the same.  Saying things like, "people like you" made her character obvious. The fact of the matter is Luke was being overly aggressive and rude. Previous shows have evidenced his unsportsmanlike conduct.  His being deaf does not give him the freedom to mistreat others. If anyone should know better it should be him.  HAH! Reverse Reverse Race Sympathy Card!

I get so tired of people thinking the only way black people can relate is if we dig far down into that deep dark emotionally charged pit of racial angst we all must have.  You know the government issued baggage we all got when we were born black...

Kamika still black, just a little more perturbed

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hairplay: Elasta DPR-11 Remoisturizer

I've been using this stuff for the last year or so and I still love it. Elasta DPR-11 Remosturizer is one of the best deep conditioners I've ever used and I've used a lot!

~It "contains 11 conditioning botanicals including Peach Blossom oil and Vitamin E

~Penetrates inner hair fibers to surge nutrients to moisture depleted hair

~Perfect hair repair treatment when combined with Elasta QP Protein Supplement.

I usually mix mine with honey, castor oil, and coconut oil, put on a plastic cap and cover my head with my warming heat cap for about 45 minutes. Afterwards I rinse with cool water and style. Instant softness, shine with no tangles or knots.

I you are concerned about cones and certain other ingredients, note that this has Dimethicone and Petroleum in it.

Ingredients: Chamomille, Nettle, Balm Mint Leaf Oil, Coltsfoot Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract, Sage Leaf Extract, Rosemary Extract, Petroleum, Cetyel Alcohol, Cetromonium Chloride, Dimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Laurus Nobblis Oil, Orange Oil, Neroli Oil, Black Currant Seed Oil.

Kamika Happy Conditioning

Friday, April 10, 2009

Colored Me: FOTD Nude Look

Friday already! Time for another beauty post. FOTD (Face Of The Day) is my nearly Nude Look. Enjoy the video and product descriptions below.

I don't wear foundation often (usually only on reallllllllly special occasions) I prefer to wear loose powder and primer.

Base -

Smashbox Photofinish Primer (Clear) - Helps to reduce fine lines and pores, and provides for a smooth matte finish under your makeup while at the same time diffusing light around your face to minimize imperfections. Because it is oil free it absorbs oil from your face. You can wear this alone or under foundation or loose powder. Lasts all day.

MAC Studiofinish Concealer (NW45) - Applied to any areas of discoloration, blemishes, bags, etc. I prefer MAC's potted concealer because it lasts longer and is not runny, meaning it will stay where I put it, and it provides excellent coverage and blend ability. I also use this as my under eyeshadow primer. You could use Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion but I prefer my concealer instead. I put this on with a brush before I put on other makeup. You could also use your fingers. A little goes a long way.

Iman Second-to-None Semi-Loose Powder (Clay-Medium-Dark) - Evens skin tone, reduces shine, gives skin a silky look. It settles into the skin providing an even and natural look. Apply this with a Kabuki brush or dense bristled blush. You can also wear this over foundation if you prefer. This lasts all day over your primer but if need be can be easily touched up.

Color -


Don't skimp on the blush ladies! The blush is where it's at! More than eyeshadow or even lipstick, a well rouged cheek can change your look for the better. Remember to always stick to colors that match your undertone (cool or warm). In this video I'm using Iman's Luxury Blushing Powder in "Allure" which is duo-toned to provide subtle contouring.


Laura Geller Blush (Golden Apricot) - This [highlight] can be your bronzer, your translucent powder, your blush, highlighter pen, etc. Highlighting does just that, highlights certain facial features. I put this blush over my other blush on the areas where natural light hits to give my face a subtle glow and to catch light on my cheekbones. Try MAC Minerlize Skinfinishes, or even a Rimmel bronzer.


Lid - MAC (Bronze)
Crease - MAC (Corduroy)
Browbone/Arch -MAC (Arena)
Eyeliner - MAC (Chestnut) didn't mention on the video

Try to always use a natural color that resembles your Browbone unless you're going for a really dramatic effect otherwise you could look really harsh.


MAC Eyeliner (Chestnut) - a quick tip, putting on your liner before your eyeshadow and smudging deepens the color of your eyeshadow and for smokey looks, it enhances the smoke. I only line the top during the day but all over at night.


DiorShow Waterproof (Jet Black) - this mascara really does lengthen, thicken, and curve my lashes. Never runs when I'm crying. A really excellent inexpensive version is Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express ($7). During the day to keep my look less dramatic I only apply black mascara to my top lashes. I either leave my bottom lashes alone or apply a lighter color like Loreal Bare Naturale (Black Brown) to soften my look but extend my bottom lashes. For an evening out, I put on two coats of my blackest black mascara on both the top and the bottom.

Lips: Apply Vaseline or lip conditioner first.

MAC Liner (Chestnut) - line and rub your lips together to spread. Apply color and reline if necessary.

MAC Lipstick (Chelsea) - wear with or without liner. Great nude color for pecan-colored girls!

Finish -

Spray a little MAC Fix+ into the air and walk under it. Helps to set makeup for the entire day. Use under or over makeup.

Most of these products you can pickup at Sephora, Ulta, MAC, and maybe even your local drugstore. Enjoy!

Kamika all dolled up

Monday, April 6, 2009

Colored Me: A Makeup Quickie

I got this sweet comment on my last Hairplay post and thought I would share it with you all.

First I must say that your makeup is fantastic, you look so beautiful. I'm
about the same shade as you but I feel like a clown when I try to wear it. I
was wondering if there was a special brand you use and if you could point me
to some books or websites on how to apply it properly so I don't end up
looking like Bozo.

On occasion I get questions from people regarding my makeup and what products I use and I thought now would be a great time to share my techniques. I don't have many as I'm still a newb myself but whatever I have I'm willing to share. But first, let me go on a tangent.

Keep it simple and slow and always stay aware. For me it's always about keeping things simple. I don't have time for much else. Plus I get bored easily and have a tendency to waste money on stuff I don't need if I don't pay attention. Makeup is one of those really dynamic arts that you can easily get lost in. For blushes and lips, start slow by picking colors that are close to your complexion but with just a hint of color and branch out from there. For eyes, try colors that look good on your skin in clothing form.

As with most things - stay aware. Treat makeup counters as you would grocery stores. Never go to them hungry or in need of a pick-me-up. The artists will eat you alive, pitching all sorts of stuff that would work best on the set of Girlfriends and not in real life. Also, when you are in need, you can't always readily tell that Sunbasque and Margin are practically the same color and that one is just a little cooler than the other. Makeup companies are always trying to get you to buy the latest greatest shade of this, formula of that, etc. MAC is notorious for offering new collections with only slight color variations in the shades or repackaging last year's colors to make them look new and fresh this year. If you stay on top of your personal collection you'll avoid having four of the same color.

But to answer your question, I used to feel the same way when I had just started wearing makeup. The key for me, I've learned, is to stick with shades that are similar to my undertone. I have warm undertones. Women of color can easily wear pretty much any color under the sun, we just have to make sure we wear the right hue (shade/tint). Every color comes in a spectrum of cool and warm shades. For example take pink. Within pink you have the coolest blue-pinks (similar to Barbie pink) and you have the reddest-pinks bordering on hot pink and Fuchsia. I stick to the warmer shades. The cooler shades wash me out and make me look bland. I could go on and on and show you a color wheel but quite simply, I wear a lot of warm hued colors such as gold, copper, reddish pinks, purples, deep teal blues, lots of different greens, and even oranges.

Anyhoo, so I did a great video for you but my PowerDirector crashed. **Sobs** so until it can get some act right I've subbed a video from Scandalous Beauty. I'll be back on Friday with my personal product choices and hopefully a video.

Websites I love:

Ateyaa's Channel
Clumps of Mascara
The Style & Beauty Doctor

My fotki for makeup looks

Books I adore:

Kamika coloring outside the lines

Friday, April 3, 2009

Running Behind the Colored Me post will be on Saturday instead of today.

Kamika stil editing

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You Know What Irks Me? Twitter

Not an April Fools joke. I really don't like it! Folks are probably cursing me right now. But oh well. Twitter probably irks me because I don't fully understand it. How can anyone find the most mundane details of someone else's life so interesting? I don't like being that connected. The telephone ring gets on my nerves. In my mind I'm thinking, 'what in the world? Don't these folks know I'm reading, or knitting, or picking my boogers and scratching my tail and now is not the most opportune time to call?' But then again... If I was Twittering, twit'n, twot'n or whatever you call it, then they would know that. Twitter is like to cooler trendier version of the Big Brother eye in the sky.

I'm just saying folks (those prone to lying) better be careful with Twitter. Twitter gone get between a whole bunch of folks and their money and their honey. Too much history being saved on Twitter.

But I'm jus sayin. I feel like this dude.


Kamika old skool - just send me an email. LOL!