Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

Opinions are sometimes like virginity.  It's good to hold on to them a little longer and share them with that special person.  Otherwise all that mental mind hoeing can't be good.

Why dude at Sephora today get mad at me when he realized I was only exchanging a product and not buying anything new?  I could have sworn someone lied to me and told me that didn't work on commission.  It was like he went from being all lights, camera, action to brownout mode.

Don't repeat what I say and act like you're telling me something new.  I was there for the original conversation.  I know who told you the whoopty whoop.

I don't like men to be giggly.  It's fine after he's gotten to know me but don't be giggly before.  If he's giggling it means I'm bored. 

Joan on Girlfriends was dating a guy with wide hips.  I still get shocked everytime I see it in person.

I loves me some Fritters from Jim Dandy's in the South Central.

Kamika I'm getting itchy, which means I must be sleepy.

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