Thursday, November 13, 2008

...Stitch Markers

I've had a very eventful week which has delayed me from listing these items on my Etsy page and here. I would tell you all about it but I'm trying to cut down on murmuring and complaining. Sorry but I have to practice gratefulness in order for it to become habit! Here's a few things I've been working on. Very picture heavy. If interested please drop me an email at kamikak at msn dot com. They'll also be listed on my Etsy Store page (sometime this week). I'll also do a second post of some I finished today but didn't have a chance to photograph.

Golden Lanterns (Melon) $10

Giraffes $12

Citrus Drops (Green) $10

Citrus Drops (Yellow) $10

Amber & Pearls $12

Virtues in Blue $12

Love, Trust, Live, & Believe $8

Shipping on all is $2 with discounts applied for multiple orders.

Kamika with Love

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Moot Points & Stitch Markers

I was going to write this dissertation about the recent elections and the now President-Elect Obama's successful election strategy and docket of policy changes. But I decided that RawDawg and a few of his well read readers surmised my thoughts up well, so I now render rehashing my thoughts here MOOT.

Suffice to say, politics here on my page was a bit of an anomaly anyways (I convey much better in person). Even though, I didn't support Obama at the polls I am happy to have lived in a season where a black man has been rightfully elected as president of the US. The fight for equal rights in America is far from over, but at least we have a picture of what could be, aside from ideologies.

I am looking forward to seeing the contrast of black upon the White House. A more colorful (no pun intended) and engaged First Lady as opposed to her many stiff upper-lipped vacuous predecessors. I wonder what her platform will be. She strikes me more as Barack's inconspicuous Regent than First Lady. Can't wait to see her on the cover of Vogue. I'm looking forward to him relaxing so we can really see who he is. More personality as opposed to charisma (I hate using that word to describe black people, but it's true).

Didn't vote for him, but I respect and love God and so therefore will support him insomuch as his policies do not cross those of God. For it is God's will that he won. In saying that, I respect those who have charge over me and will do my part to show a united front within and without America. Just as with Bush, Barack Obama is our President-to-be and it is incumbent upon the citizens of these here United states to support, encourage, and pray for him, his family, and those in his cabinet even if we don't necessarily like him or the policies he's championed.

Congratulations Barack Obama, President-Elect!

**Post to long. Look for stitch Markers in Tuesday's post.**


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Grown Folks At Play

I love it when grown folks can humble themselves and play like kids. Seeing them so intensely focused on an arts and crafts project just lifts my spirits. I think that's why I love the the crafty community. We are forever creating with wide-eyed excitement just like kids.

Some of you may remember how not to long ago I was really down about my current work state; a mix of boredom and anger. I was seriously considering getting a new job and leaving these folks behind. Well wisdom pervailed. I decided to stay and not look to be served by my company but to serve them more. Sometimes our expectations from a company (and by extension it's employees) are too high. Just like a love relationship, we expect them to fulfill certain needs they're not designed to fill (i.e. self fullfillment, affirmation, acceptance), change who they are (change the company culture to suit self), allow you to control them (accepting only your ideas as sound), and be like the boyfriend before (have the same programs/fringe benefits we loved from the previous company). It doesn't work in a love relationship and it most definately will not work at work. Somebody has to change. I choose me! Hopefully others will be so inspired to serve more as well.

I joined the new Morale Committee at work. We're responsible for, well, lifting the morale of our department. We put on events to foster teamwork and the cohesiveness amongst the various groups that make up our department. Our first event was Halloween. Eventhough I don't celebrate it, it didn't hinder me from helping to oversee the festivities to lift the morale of the team. We had a costume contest, candied apples, and a pumpkin decorating contest. Check out how creative we all got, without carving! Grown folks at play!

Kamika smug cause our pumpkin won!