Thursday, November 13, 2008

...Stitch Markers

I've had a very eventful week which has delayed me from listing these items on my Etsy page and here. I would tell you all about it but I'm trying to cut down on murmuring and complaining. Sorry but I have to practice gratefulness in order for it to become habit! Here's a few things I've been working on. Very picture heavy. If interested please drop me an email at kamikak at msn dot com. They'll also be listed on my Etsy Store page (sometime this week). I'll also do a second post of some I finished today but didn't have a chance to photograph.

Golden Lanterns (Melon) $10

Giraffes $12

Citrus Drops (Green) $10

Citrus Drops (Yellow) $10

Amber & Pearls $12

Virtues in Blue $12

Love, Trust, Live, & Believe $8

Shipping on all is $2 with discounts applied for multiple orders.

Kamika with Love


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

hope weekend is better and my mom would love thoes earrings

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely!

Hope it gets better FAST.

QueenLi said...

Greetings! They are very pretty!

I have been on crochet/knit hiatus, but I am still hanging around. *Yawning*
My DH is watching "Tropical Thunder" and Tom Cruise should be banned from watching Soul Train!!!

Take Care~

Amina said...

gorgeous!! I had no idea you had an Etsy shop! yay!! I'll look at what you have.
you're right. Bobbi Brown does include chapters about lifestyle: exercising and diet. For instance I found her book Living Beauty to be all more about lifestyle than make-up...

I find this approach be interesting because sometimes we tend to forget that beauty starts from within. But yes, if you're looking for an exclusive make-up book, then those chapters seem redundant.. :)

Sheila said...

They are so pretty that they would make lovely pendants.

Monique said...

Those are all very pretty!