Sunday, November 9, 2008

Moot Points & Stitch Markers

I was going to write this dissertation about the recent elections and the now President-Elect Obama's successful election strategy and docket of policy changes. But I decided that RawDawg and a few of his well read readers surmised my thoughts up well, so I now render rehashing my thoughts here MOOT.

Suffice to say, politics here on my page was a bit of an anomaly anyways (I convey much better in person). Even though, I didn't support Obama at the polls I am happy to have lived in a season where a black man has been rightfully elected as president of the US. The fight for equal rights in America is far from over, but at least we have a picture of what could be, aside from ideologies.

I am looking forward to seeing the contrast of black upon the White House. A more colorful (no pun intended) and engaged First Lady as opposed to her many stiff upper-lipped vacuous predecessors. I wonder what her platform will be. She strikes me more as Barack's inconspicuous Regent than First Lady. Can't wait to see her on the cover of Vogue. I'm looking forward to him relaxing so we can really see who he is. More personality as opposed to charisma (I hate using that word to describe black people, but it's true).

Didn't vote for him, but I respect and love God and so therefore will support him insomuch as his policies do not cross those of God. For it is God's will that he won. In saying that, I respect those who have charge over me and will do my part to show a united front within and without America. Just as with Bush, Barack Obama is our President-to-be and it is incumbent upon the citizens of these here United states to support, encourage, and pray for him, his family, and those in his cabinet even if we don't necessarily like him or the policies he's championed.

Congratulations Barack Obama, President-Elect!

**Post to long. Look for stitch Markers in Tuesday's post.**



Virtuous said...

Great post and probably the best one I've seen from someone who voted on the opposing side!

And I was wondering where the stitchmarkers were ;op Haha!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well said and ditto, she will be the BOMB 1st lady, thanks for the love