Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And the Winners...

... of the first ever Kinky Coils & String GiveAway are!

**Drum Roll**

1. Eve Knits
2. Afiba (Ms. Lina)
3. Sonya

You ladies were selected using a random number counter program so as to make it as fair as possible. I will be contacting these ladies over the next couple of days to get their choices. Eve Knits gets 1st choice and so on. Hopefully each of you will get what you want. They are all great products!

If you get to me before I get to you, please email me at kamikak at MSN DOT com.

Thanks to all who entered and please stay tuned for those hair updates. I'll need your input! Also, hopefully you'll come back to be inspired to knit, crochet, or take up a hobby to bless your self with. As women we need to start doing things for us that will birth out creativity and help us to relieve stress. Knitting and crochet does that for me and so many others, maybe it will do it for you too.


Monday, January 28, 2008

GiveAway Update!

The Hair GiveAway is almost over. You have just over 5 hours to enter if interested otherwise I have to move on to my next for my stringfellows. The contest is over at 11:59:59 pm Pacific Standard Time. My Time!

Stringfellows, all I have to say is, "Lorna's Lace." Some of you have begun to salivate I'm sure. So stay posted.

I will post the winners of the Hair GiveAway on Wednesday. I have a full day tomorrow and don't think I can do it sooner. I do want to say that I appreciate all who entered as well as all of those who just stopped by. You ladies have provided me with a lot of great topics to discuss in the future concerning our hair. I'm planning to make Friday's Hair Day so stay tuned!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

The More You Give...GiveAway!!

Here it is! My first ever giveaway and the beginning of something great! I had planned to do my first giveaway at my blogiversary in March but decided that I wanted to draw some folks out of lurkdom and spread some New Year good cheer! I want to set the tone of this year for giving as much as I can to others. I believe that the more you give the less you lack.

I have been blessed to find some of my holy grail products to help me love and nuture my natural kinky coils. I try to limit my use of products to only those that are necessary so that I can tell what works and what doesn't for my hair type without wasting my hard earned cash. My sure-fire grails are easily gotten from your local beauty supply shop or grocery store and include Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Let's Jam gel, Honey, and the Trader Joe's Nourish line. Yes, fruits and berries baby, fruits and berries.

GIVEAWAY #1: $10 in HoneyMoney to spend on anything you like @ Oyin

On occasions I splurge and allow my hair some treats like those made by the mixtress, Jameelah herself over at Oyin Handmade. I absolutely love the Greg Juice. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and moisturized. I recommend it to anyone who has a problem with dryness be it on natural or relaxed hair. Greg Juice has become so popular that they created two additional scents with the same beneficial formulation called Frank Juice and you guessed it! Fruits & Berries! I also like her Shine 'N Define for smoothe edges and twists without the dry feeling of gel and the Honey-Hemp Conditioner for a luxuriously good conditioning wash. Hopfully Oyin will be your spoil as well!

GIVEAWAY #2: one 4oz bottle of Wild Growth Oil

Let's keep the ball rolling and get on to number two! In the hair world some sistahs just can not live without Wild Growth Oil. They scream about how wonderful it is for hair growth and how they grew nine inches in 24 hours. J/K! Ya'll know how I am about the "magic in a bottle" faithful. I'm a strong believer that products don't grow hair they just help to create the ideal environment for optimal hair growth. **Don't sleep on this basic truth** You will save a lot of money and heartache if you stop running around trying to find your magic growth bullet in a bottle or pill. **off my soapbox**

I will say that recently when I got my hair pressed it did provide a nice non-oily shine to my hair. Applied properly it wasn't heavy and didn't weigh my hair down. It was applied by my stylist and she raved about it. I decided to try it for myself and give a review of it later. I bought two bottles and so I'll share one with you. Be forewarned that many users warn of the strong scent. Mine wasn't strong but then again I like medicinal smells. So here it is.

GIVEAWAY #3: one 12oz bottle of Surge Plus 14 Moisturizer

Blow the trumpet loud! My last giveaway is what you've all been searching for. At least that's what my Feedburner stats tell me. Some of you may remember my post about Surge Plus 14 Moisturizer and how it helped my scalp to heal from nearly 3 years of Alopecia. Well Surge has been discontinued (for whatever elusive and unfounded reason) by the manufacturer and practically unattainable unless you want to pay in upwards of $30 a bottle on eBay. EGAD! That's over a 400% markup. Well I have a few bottles (and I didn't pay $30 for them) and I'm willing to give one away. So dun duna dun!!


Just leave me a comment telling me what you would like to see more of on my blog that will help you to love your beautiful hair. It could be hair inspiration spotlights, hair care research, style tutorials, or even more great links to other helpful sites and hair albums. You name it and tell me what you would like to see. I don't want to reinvent the wheel and in saying that will not duplicate the efforts of those well known sites. You tell me what's missing and if I have knowledge about it I will try to share it here.

I'll leave this open through the weekend and randomly select 3 winners on the evening of Monday, January 26th. You must live in the continental US to participate. Be sure to provide me with your email addy otherwise I will not be able to reach you. The first to respond to my email will get first choice and so on.

Good luck!


Monday, January 21, 2008

I'll Try

I've never been one for New Year's resolutions. I think they make liars out of people. Nor do I like to recap or precap, postcap or whatever years. Ya'll were there and if you weren't I probably told you about it! What I am up for at the beginning of a new year or new season in my life is trying something different or even enhancing my life by delving deeper into previously passing fancies and making them sustainable hobbies or past times. I'm gonna try stuff and if I don't like it I'm going move on, no strings attached, no feelings of defeat.

  • I plan to [TRY to] run more and become a runner. Not just my usual run 10 miles per week (on a good week) but a consistent got that runners' high runner running a full marathon in a week sans the saggy skin that seems to come with running on pavement. Naw ya'll, I'm a treadmill girl! I'se needs that cushion!

  • I plan to take Belly Dancing lessons. I've belly danced before but never have taken lessons. Shimmy on FitTV and belly dancing videos on OnDemand don't count! I want to take lessons in a studio and get my finger cymbals on! Clang! Clang! Clang! I want the outfits and the veils but not all that gaudy [Egad!] makeup.

  • I plan [sho gone TRY] to finish 12 units towards my Bachelors by this summer. We'll see.

  • I plan [gon make a sure fire effort] to master certain techniques and absolutely try new techniques when it comes to knitting and crochet. As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to go on over to Eunny Jang's site and buy the pattern for her Deep V Argyle vest! Done! It was only $5.25.

  • Lastly, I plan [I'm gonna try] to add more hair articles to my blog. I've been getting a lot of hits to the site from women who want more information on hair, hair care, and products.

To continue on from that last bullet...Unfortunately my blog has been somewhat misleading as I haven't put up enough substantial information about kinky coils (not me my hair) and hair at all. Matter of factly, I've been neglectful and my Feedburner stats prove it!

Hair readers I want to draw you out. Look forward to my first every give away this week! I plan to give away something that I know you all have been searching for and haven't been able to get your hands on. And just for the heck of it! I plan to give something away to my Sisters of the Yarn as well. I'll break the announcement on Thursday, January 24th! I'll TRY to! LOL

Talk to soon!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm Mohair. Which Fiber Are You?

Took this quiz over at Potter Craft News. I'm Mohair. Which fiber are you?

Mohair – A smooth, polished surface

“Mohair is warmer than wool, with larger, flatter scales that contribute to an overall silky-smooth appearance. The fiber absorbs dye readily and, thanks to that smooth surface, reflects it back brilliantly.” –The Knitter’s Book of Yarn

Mohairs are positive and confident. You always strive to make a good first impression because you are a proud person, and you care a good deal about what people think of you. You are careful with your words and are always tactful. You enjoy having a broad base of support and respect from those whom you come in contact. You attract this with your warm, sunny, and inquisitive personality.

Take this quiz and let me now what you are? No Oddballs please! Just kidding.