Thursday, January 24, 2008

The More You Give...GiveAway!!

Here it is! My first ever giveaway and the beginning of something great! I had planned to do my first giveaway at my blogiversary in March but decided that I wanted to draw some folks out of lurkdom and spread some New Year good cheer! I want to set the tone of this year for giving as much as I can to others. I believe that the more you give the less you lack.

I have been blessed to find some of my holy grail products to help me love and nuture my natural kinky coils. I try to limit my use of products to only those that are necessary so that I can tell what works and what doesn't for my hair type without wasting my hard earned cash. My sure-fire grails are easily gotten from your local beauty supply shop or grocery store and include Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Let's Jam gel, Honey, and the Trader Joe's Nourish line. Yes, fruits and berries baby, fruits and berries.

GIVEAWAY #1: $10 in HoneyMoney to spend on anything you like @ Oyin

On occasions I splurge and allow my hair some treats like those made by the mixtress, Jameelah herself over at Oyin Handmade. I absolutely love the Greg Juice. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and moisturized. I recommend it to anyone who has a problem with dryness be it on natural or relaxed hair. Greg Juice has become so popular that they created two additional scents with the same beneficial formulation called Frank Juice and you guessed it! Fruits & Berries! I also like her Shine 'N Define for smoothe edges and twists without the dry feeling of gel and the Honey-Hemp Conditioner for a luxuriously good conditioning wash. Hopfully Oyin will be your spoil as well!

GIVEAWAY #2: one 4oz bottle of Wild Growth Oil

Let's keep the ball rolling and get on to number two! In the hair world some sistahs just can not live without Wild Growth Oil. They scream about how wonderful it is for hair growth and how they grew nine inches in 24 hours. J/K! Ya'll know how I am about the "magic in a bottle" faithful. I'm a strong believer that products don't grow hair they just help to create the ideal environment for optimal hair growth. **Don't sleep on this basic truth** You will save a lot of money and heartache if you stop running around trying to find your magic growth bullet in a bottle or pill. **off my soapbox**

I will say that recently when I got my hair pressed it did provide a nice non-oily shine to my hair. Applied properly it wasn't heavy and didn't weigh my hair down. It was applied by my stylist and she raved about it. I decided to try it for myself and give a review of it later. I bought two bottles and so I'll share one with you. Be forewarned that many users warn of the strong scent. Mine wasn't strong but then again I like medicinal smells. So here it is.

GIVEAWAY #3: one 12oz bottle of Surge Plus 14 Moisturizer

Blow the trumpet loud! My last giveaway is what you've all been searching for. At least that's what my Feedburner stats tell me. Some of you may remember my post about Surge Plus 14 Moisturizer and how it helped my scalp to heal from nearly 3 years of Alopecia. Well Surge has been discontinued (for whatever elusive and unfounded reason) by the manufacturer and practically unattainable unless you want to pay in upwards of $30 a bottle on eBay. EGAD! That's over a 400% markup. Well I have a few bottles (and I didn't pay $30 for them) and I'm willing to give one away. So dun duna dun!!


Just leave me a comment telling me what you would like to see more of on my blog that will help you to love your beautiful hair. It could be hair inspiration spotlights, hair care research, style tutorials, or even more great links to other helpful sites and hair albums. You name it and tell me what you would like to see. I don't want to reinvent the wheel and in saying that will not duplicate the efforts of those well known sites. You tell me what's missing and if I have knowledge about it I will try to share it here.

I'll leave this open through the weekend and randomly select 3 winners on the evening of Monday, January 26th. You must live in the continental US to participate. Be sure to provide me with your email addy otherwise I will not be able to reach you. The first to respond to my email will get first choice and so on.

Good luck!



Pajnstl said...

I like that you're sharing the products you've know work!

I might have to borrow a page from you, and do a give away soon! :)

Anonymous said... your product reviews. Would be interested in style tutorials.

Lesha said...

First of all, I'm very glad to come across your blog. The reviews are very nice. I would love to see any hair products in that future that works great with mixed hair.

Susan said...

Thanks for doing this giveaway. A great way to start 2008 for sure! I would really love to see style tutorials for short to medium, relaxed hair that is fine. Not every sistah has gorgeous, thick locks of love. Some of ours looks like twigs... lol

Anonymous said...


I think this is a great idea. I saw your giveaway on Ebony-Elite. After reading this particular message, "I have been blessed to find some of my holy grail products to help me love and nuture my natural kinky coils. I try to limit my use of products to only those that are necessary so that I can tell what works and what doesn't for my hair type without wasting my hard earned cash." My thought was, I would like to see ideas, suggestions, concoctions of herbs that will keep those that have dry hair replenished with moisture. From hats, going outside in cold temps to inside with warm temps are hair does take a beatind during this time of year. Thanks for taking my suggestion into consideration.


Knitaholictoo said...

Hi Kamika,

I would love to know what one does about the dry scalp! I've been kinky for 2 years and love, love, love feeling the texture, however I don't "grease" the scalp anymore, would love suggestions. oooh some natural styles would be greatly appreciated!!!

Sheila said...

Although I've found hair products that work for my chemically treated hair, I'm always on the lookout for new products that work for chemically treated hair. I also suffer with cradle cap due to overactive sebaceous glands but I've been able to keep it under control with Top Brass for the last few years, and interested in natural products that would keep my condition at bay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kami,
I am so excited that you will be leaning more towards natural hair. I would love to see more natural hair inspirations including women who are at different hair lengths and are taking good care of their hair. Although it is inspiring to look at others with long natural hair but sometimes I feel like I would love to see someone closer to my length and has healthy hair or cute hair styles. Also, natural hair care recipes would help but the most important thing for me is regular updates. I stalk other's pages but often forget about them because the updates are so irregular. Well, good luck with the additions. If you choose me, can I have one of the surges? I added something to mine when I bought it last year and it was not the same after that. Don't know what happened!!
Oh yeah this is Zaaiberri at

eve knits said...

hi kami
i have been deciding for a while whether i should go towards maintaining my hair natural but i haven't found a good source of information on it, until your site. i love your reviews and ideas. keep up the good work! **going back into lurkdom**

etifaim said...


I love natural products and I consider myself a mixtress in the making. I think using 100% natural and/or organic ingredients in homemade products are not only more healthy for your body, but less expensive in the long run than using all that synthetic commercial stuff on the market. Although there are some sites out there already devoted to natural products and posting recipes, it would be great to see some natural recipes for the hair on your blog. Thanks for inviting my opinion :)


Sonya said...

This is my first time eva here... Nice site. ANyway, I'd love to know a lil bit about what I can do for these napptural itchies... They're driving me crazy. I've done the scalp oiling, bohemian styling, shealoe & everything cheap... I'm so tired of this... Anyway, I'll be ckg this site more often. Keep up the good work!

KimT said...

hope i am not too late. Any ideas you have on braid extension up keep would be great!

NikkiJ said...

Step my step hair styling instructions for locks.

NikkiJ said...

Step BY step styling instructions

Solid E. said...

Hey this is Solid form fotki...just browsing by. I love your blog, very informative, it will be a hot spot of mines :)