Monday, July 9, 2007

Product Review: Surge Plus 14

As of late I have been neglecting to do any posts focused on hair. I don't know why other than I didn't want to be redundant and write what was already on the web. I also didn't have a clever way to list any tips or recipes or even pictures for that matter. My goal has been to not make KC&S solely about my hair or show a lot of pictures of myself. I have a hair album on Fotki for that. I'm also NOT a Product Junkie. I stick to what's tried and true and only add new products to my regimen when I have researched them and then only if they make sense. So pardon me for the neglect. As I adjust my regimen for the seasons and for the increased length I'm sure I will have more to write about.

For healthy hair growth and maintenance one must know that there is no magic pill in a bottle. Healthy hair is a combination of genetics, proper diet, proper maintenance, and nurturing. No one product is going to make sure you "Don't Be Bald" or "Doo Grow" or even give you a "Mane" the length of a "Tail." Products can't do that. They only aid in growth and enhance the condition of your hair and scalp. DON'T FORGET THE SCALP! In your daily routine, your mantra should be "scalp first then hair." Why? Because proper hair growth must come from a healthy properly conditioned scalp first.

Today I present to you Surge Plus 14 Hair Revitalizer. Surge is a mixture of Biotin, Keratin Proteins, Aloe Vera and Muccopolysaccharides (Sulphur). Biotin and Keratin are proteins used to prevent split ends and breakage. Muccopolysaccharides condition and stimulate the scalp as well as strengthen the hair shaft. Aloe Vera is a healing agent that softens the hair and scalp. It comes in a 12 Fl oz bottle and can be purchased at some beauty supply stores and Walgreens. Here in So Cal I had to order mine as none of the stores I went to carried it. You can reach them at (888) 816-8144. I ordered mine from Allure Beauty for about $6.50 (I think).

I had heard a lot about Surge through Nappturality and the Long Hair Care Forum, two sights dedicated to the growth of healthy african american hair. The reviews were a mixed bag. I suspect the negatives were from those that didn't know how to use the product properly. But then again, everything isn't for everbody. Surge is NOT just for black hair!

I started using Surge because I have been suffering from Alopecia in the nape area. For a little over 3 years I have had sparse growth in that area, mainly due to improper relaxer applications and terrible maintenance. For a season I tried a mixture of Tea Tree Oil and conditioners. Tea Tree oil is a natural disinfectant and helps to heal the scalp. I saw a little growth with this but more so less itching or dryness on my scalp.

Since using Surge for a little over a month, I have seen significant growth in that area. I'm really excited that I won't have to make such drastic cuts to the back of my hair. The unaffected areas in my nape fall to below my shoulders, but because of the glaring baldness in the affected area I have had to use the longer hair to camoflauge resulting in my hair looking a lot shorter than it actually is. I recommend it if you have been having problems like I have. Surge along with a healthy diet and proper maintenance may just be the answer you were seeking.

Beg - May 25, 2007
Mid - June 23, 2007
End - July 5, 2007

My Routine:
  1. Daily or every two day co-washing (conditioner only rinses)
  2. Spray Surge directly to the scalp all over twice a day
  3. Apply your favorite oil or moisturizer to the scalp and hair directly afterwards
  4. Reduce heat and styling applications

The only caveat I found is that Surge can be drying to the hair. That is why it is so important to apply your favorite oil and/or moisturizer after use. This will prevent any drying. Be careful with oils. They are NOT a moisturizer and too much can dry your hair out and make it greasy.

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PAJNSTL said...

That's quite impressive, especially after only 2months and some change!

I'll be straightening my hair this week most likely tomorrow. Do you ever straighten yours?

Anonymous said...

Are you still using surge - it seems to be such a hot item now thatit has been discontinued? Did you like the results that you got from it?

Gina N. - NJ said...

I was using it in the summer of 2007, with my braidouts and let me tell you NOT A STRAND OF HAIR BROKE OFF!! I gained moisture, strength, shine, growth, etc. And all at a normal pace! It helped me retain length and gain a little bit more. I am SO SADDENED that it is off the market. They better bring it back ASAP. I can't live without it anymore. I have resorted to using the lotion, but I think its too watery and i use too much. I'm going to put it in a spray bottle with water and make my own Surge spray. I can't take it anymore.

bluestar inthesky said...

Xcel 21 is the replacement they hsve a Facebook page