Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Summertime Rush At the Motel

The motel has been really busy this last week. In the span of about 4 days we have had one long-time guest check out, two guests fly in from Virginia by way of down the street, and one surprise guest check in late last night by way of Kansas City via Inglewood.

The long time guest has been calling daily to secure herself a room again. She is insisting on the room in the front with the nearly panoramic view of the front yard and within earshot of the neighbors feigned debauchery. TB said absolutely not! TG said, "Sorry ma'am. That room has been booked." This of course has reduced that guest to quibbling on the phone and lodging complaints via Myspace.

Our lucky boarders from VA have been making themselves comfortable and thoroughly enjoying themselves as they've been frequently seen frolicking in the California sun. They've hit every attraction from Disneyland to the Hollywood Walk of Fame all via the Los Angeles Transit system. They are truly candidates for a California Tourism PSA. You would have thought that they would have put some of that long money away and gotten themselves a REAL hotel room and a rental car. But I guess those were sinful thoughts repented for and cast into the Sea of Forgetfulness. Hmmmm. I don't think God's gonna forget this one.

Unfortunately for them we haven't a pool here at the motel as of yet, so the ladies had nowhere to wade. That didn't stop them though from putting on their skirted swimsuits and slinking through the motel lobby sitting on the furniture just as casual as could be. I guess since the sun doesn't shine in the lobby they didn't feel the need for a cover up. I would have thought that the heavy plastic on the couch would have been uncomfortable to their bare gelatinous skin but I guess I was wrong. TB just sat there in awe.

Our final guest from Kansas City is a doll. It's nice to have her here but I hate that she had to come so late. Everytime she's here in these parts we here at the motel get all nostalgic and reminisce for hours at a time about 30 years ago. Those were the days.

Hopefully the VA ladies will find another attraction to distract themselves with while the kitchen staff (me and TB) get down with cooking for the 4th of July. I anticipate this holiday will be a full blown Cotillion. TB can't seem to stop inviting people she can't stand.

Well let me get to shucking this corn!


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