Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tell Me It's Just Me

Should I be offended? Think it's strange? Or even consider it a random oddity when people tell me that my hair is really beautiful? I mean go out of their way to tell me my hair is beautiful. My hair, the yarn extentions of the moment. Mind you these are really loving and caring people. They speak with wisdom and refrain from talking too much. I trust a couple of these people with my very soul less 5 or 10% needed for my own vanity.

I'm trying to stifle a rising feeling of offense in my heart. I love love love my natural hair! And yes, every one does not like it (natural hair that is, not MY natural hair). I understand that many people were brought up under a different era where they were told that black hair needed to either be lyed, dyed, or laid to the side. But should I be offended?

My very own TB (from this point forward. THIS POINT right here » • we'll call her DM for humility's sake) hates her natural hair eventhough it's longer and healthier than it's ever been. Ack! Who cares? **me** I told myself that I would have to always be on point to represent for the natural-haired sisters. It's totally unacceptable for me to walk around looking less than my normal FABU self.


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PAJNSTL said...

I know the feeling!
The thing I hate is when strangers come up and touch my hair!!! that irritates the hell out of me!