Saturday, July 7, 2007

When All Else Fails...Put It In Your Hair

This post can be subtitled, "An Appropriate Use For ACKrylic."

Ya'll know I hate acrylic yarn with a passion. I can't stand that dang ole fun fur with it's randy willy-nilly ways. I don't like the faux facade or the drying effect it has on my hands. I abhor the mess that is made with it and called knitwear. I will use it though if it's in my stash (throw back stuff to my early knitting days before I became a purist) or if it's blended with another more natural fiber, but I really would prefer not too. I do understand that when blended it can have a dramatic improving effect on the drape of a garment and for this I give it pass. But all by itself I usually try to avert my eyes.

I do love acrylic though for my yarn braids! I just finished my second set on yesterday and wouldn't use any other fiber for them. Below are pics of my 1st set done back in February. I decided to use those pics because they look the same as the set I just put in and because I have been to lazy to take updated pics. I braided my hair up to give it and my mind a break from daily styling. If you look closely you'll notice that these are actually twists. If you know how to braid, then these will be a cinch for you. These should last me a month to a month and a half with rinsing and a concious mind to not take my hair down. Enjoy!

Time: July 6th. 9 hours total
Yarn: Lions Brand Homespun in Black, 1 skein
Extras: Used Scripto Lighter to burn ends and give highlighted look



Adrienne said...


Harlem Purl said...

Very nice. You know last time I went to get my hair braided, there was a girl in there getting these Red Heart acrylic plaits in her hair. They still weren't done by the time I left and that was after eight hours.

Virtuous said...

I tried to e-mail you but you info is not listed anywhere! Haha!
Could you send me an e-mal at:

I thought your YIM id was your e-mail addy (from your ED profile) but it kicked back on me. Oh well!

Here is the link you asked about on a pic of the Bobblicious:

I plan to set up a flickr account soon so all of my 2007 projects can be in one spot! :o)

Thx for coming by to visit me!

Karine said...

That is genious!

NikkiJ said...

So, is your stash all black or something? I think I see some earth tones in there. Do you use any synthetic hair at all?

Sheila said...

Awesome Kamika... your did a fantastic job.

PAJNSTL said...

OMG!! Kamika, you rhair looks great!!!!

Where do you live and when do you want me to come?

9hrs huh? I might could swing that! LOL

Very CUTE!!!

Peajai said...

These are gorgeous and I am really feeling that updo.