Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Actual WIPs & FOs To Come Soon

I know, I know, I know. Where are the pictures of the stuff on your needles? Oh désolé mes amours. It's coming. I've been working on a lot lately and making great progress. Most of the WIPs though have been production of my jewelry for other stores. I honestly didn't know what having even a small line entailed. It is rewarding though to see a dream come to fruition. Ahem! Did I mention that my pockets are salivating at the prospect of gaining real money for real work?

I'm currently working on the Minisweater (aka. the boobholder) from Glampyre Knits as well as daydreaming about wrapping up Regan. I've once again re-invoked the use of that gorgeous Sunny Yellow Berroco Cotton Twist that was originally envisioned as the Fat Bottom Bag and then the modified Esme. For some reason the Minisweater is taking me a lot longer to finish than anticipated. Maybe I'm just tired or maybe the cotton keeps slipping through my fingers and around and around on my needles. Nevertheless it will get done.

On the home front. I had to apologize to The Bully [TB] and as usual by association, The Geezer [TG] because I snapped off TB on late yesterday evening because she was being a mad reveler at 11pm at night. Jeeves was here as usual egging her on like the Pied Piper and the mice. Guess who the chief mouse was? I, as what seems to be the unfortunate usual, was of the Martha ilk. You know Martha of the Mary, Martha, and Lazarus clique. The New Testament busybody? Mad because I have to do all the work while Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus. Yes, her! I was so trying to be about busying myself to sleep.

I must remember that TB is worthy of respect and honor solely because of who she is. Her revelry is not a bad thing, it's actually rather nice, at a decent time of day. I also couldn't refrain myself from snapping up Jeeves. The sad thing is, I was never angry just annoyed. I have no plans to apologize in that direction. It needed to be done albeit in a more civilized manner.

Pics in the next post! I promise unless I get a newsflash.



Adrienne said...

That's a really cute top! I've not seen that before!

Sheila said...

Too funny... the boobholder... can't wait to see your FOs.