Saturday, December 8, 2007

I Am the Phantom...

I am the phantom that lives in the house
I am the phantom that walks in and out
I am the phantom that will not shout
so no one in the house will know I'm about...

Yep, that sums it up. For the last couple of weeks I have been rising early and coming home really late. Way after others have gone to sleep I've been slipping in the house and acting like I live alone. I haven't seen the faces of some of my family members in a couple of weeks but they know when I'm home. The light in my room is on and when they knock on the door I freeze like I'm invisible until they go away. At other times I feign deafness due to the earphones surgically attached to my ears when I'm here.

I know, some of you would say that I'm wrong while others may be resentful of me for being single, childless, and able to slip in and out without someone or a some thing called familial responsibility attached to my hip. I'm not ashamed. I'm tired ya'll! Hate me, I'm good at being a villain named Single. My krytonite is loneliness and longing.

God promised to remedy my plight, hence my latest project. This picture was taken yesterday so it doesn't show my progress on today alone. Double the height and you'll see where I currently am on my Cycling Aran. I decided to knit it in the round to eliminate as much seaming as possible. I'm a few inches from dividing for the armscye.
This has gone so smooth and the yarn, Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Organic Cotton, is soooooo soft! I guess the blessings of the Lord do make me rich and add no sorrow... As if I didn't believe.
I went shopping today and bought myself a few treats and took in a movie only to come home to an IRS wage garnishment notice. UGH! I need to go see my tax man like tomorrow.

I checked out the Golden Compass this afternoon. I know all about the reviews and the uproar the church is having with the storyline and the anti-church message. I got it. I liked the movie and I plan to go see the sequel (although I will reserve the right to change my opinion as I read more up on it). I was thoroughly amused through the entire movie. Great cinema! Nicole K is my girl. She's a bad actress and so I tend to like most of her movies.

I picked up Da Truth's album Open Book today and you should check it out. Nice grooves. It's going straight to the iPod and will be my running soundtrack until I'm tired of it or find a lyric that doesn't line up.

I'm really enjoying life. It's all been worth it!



Virtuous said...

LOL @ Single Villian!

Glad it has all been worth it!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

NikkiJ said...

I too have dabbled at the thought of starting a knit wardrobe for future him. Had I done that first before knitting stuff for future baby, maybe things would have turned out differently.

Sheila said...

Happy Holiday - I am so loving the Cycling Aran... the cables are just too spirally awesome and perfect color.

Neeci said...

You listen to Da Truth too? Cool. I plan to check out The Golden Compass as well, despite the backlash.

BTW, I found your blog via BHM (I'm missndidi on there). Have a great week!