Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Motel Babylon...The Day After Christmas

0642 hours

I'm staying home from my primary job today to assist here at The Motel. Why? Because a lot of guests came in with the holiday rush on yesterday and some haven't gone home, thus hindering my progress on getting ready for my primary job. These folks are crazy! I'm only working two jobs because I have to, otherwise this Motel job would be the first to go.

I'm feeling very guilty about missing work today. This is the 3rd absence I've had since being there. Twice because I have been sick and now a third because of alcoholics rowdy guests. One guest in particular has locked herself and her walker in the spa. She was already half way into the spa door so I couldn't stop her. It would have been an event of epic proportions to get her to stop and turn her and the walker (tennis balls and all) around and then help her to make it back to her room and onto the bed.

Dammit!!! I need to be in the spa by 0630. NO EXCEPTIONS! At 0630 everyone in the house freezes. No water is turned on, ST is locked securely in her room finishing dressing for school, and Jeeves is sitting still (well as still as he can with his nervous issue) in the kitchen. All other guests and staff are asleep or at least faking it well.

If I'm not in there on time then I'm running behind and I HATE to be late. I used to love it, you know being fashionable and all, but my Pastor done worked that out of me. Another story for another time. Anyways, being late makes me anxious and leaves me feeling stupid so I don't do it.

0700 hours

I called off 15 minutes ago. She's still in there. I think she may have fallen asleep on the crapper. She done set up camp. She ain't but about 95 pounds. She can't push too much out or she'll lose half her life. LOL. I know I'm being crass. Told the folks at work I'm having home issues. If they only knew...

0715 hours

No movement.



Virtuous said...

OMG! You got a crazy day going on over there!!

U must tell me how your pastor set you straight about being on time b/c I NEED to hear it!

Hope your day turns out less eventful!

Knitaholictoo said...

rotfl, i'm sorry but I am holding my stomach. Lord, help her get out!