Monday, August 13, 2007

Anthropologie Rising

I've been laying low since Thursday. Had a pretty heavy weekend what with the second garage sale and all. I didn't really sell anything this time around. Most items were bought last weekend. But then again I couldn't expect much to sell since my attitude was "I really don't want to sell it but if you give me some cash I guess I'll let you have it." Heck, I made enough to pay a couple of bills this week and buy some new storage. It worked.

I decided to step out of myself and start designing. I was on Ravelry at one of my groups and someone posted about Anthropologie's 2007 Fall Catalog. I immediately went to look and found this great cardigan that I just knew I could recreate. It's the "In Session Sweater" seen here in green. As a mock up I'm using the Deluxe Worsted 100% Wool, I had in my stash. You'll see on my dressform a blue jacket that I'm also using for shaping. I'm working this up so far on size 6US needles, which is going pretty fast and providing a good firm fabric. I plan to switch to size 7 or 8US to work the moss stitch shoulder shaping. I'm writing the pattern out as I go. Wish me luck!



Christie said...

And the best thing of can always go to the store to see how it fits and figure out the construction.

and...I still need your address!!!

PAJNSTL said...

You're off to a great start!

sahara said...

You're off to a nice start, but be aware that you are copying a garment that belongs to Anthropologie, who goes through a great deal to find out who's wimitating their work. Blog posts are tracked by designers for this purpose.

It would be a better idea, to buy books of garment details and specs and put together you own creations,thus. What's the point of all that work, if everyone will only recognize your sweater as one from Anthropologie?

Kamika said...

I'm trying ladies...LOL

@Sahara - You speak wisdom. As a designer of other things myself, I would absolutely hate it if someone knocked off one of my designs and then resold it as her own. Knowing this, I would never do such a thing.

My goal in re-creating Anthropologie's sweater was not for fiduciary gain but as a test for myself to see if I can muster the moxy and the endurance to create such a project on my own. I'm writing out the pattern to commit certain elements to memory.

I do soooo appreciate your insight. Checks & Balances are always necessary.