Friday, August 3, 2007


Blabblant - (adj.)

def. Not quite babbling because I do have some directed useful things to say, not blabbing because I've been giving up gossip and thus have no secrets to share, and most definitely not a rant because I'm not angry or annoyed just verbally observant.

ex. Kamika is quite blabblant about many things.

1. The View needs to just lay down and die! This show has gone to hell in a handbasket quick. It used to be somewhat well balanced (well tolerably anyway) and entertaining. I so miss Lisa Ling and Marilyn Viera. Now it's just a boring circus for castaways. Someone really needs to stop resucitating Baba WA WA. She looks brittle. All the regulars on the show are real catty. Not PMS catty but PMDD catty (you know you've seen the commercial - **a bunch of mess**). All the guests look like they stepped into a rumble and can't tell if they have on the wrong colors.

2. I've ripped back the Surplice Bodice Camisole two times due some undiscovered imbalance in my head. I don't know what was in my rose tea this morning but whatever it was it had me thinking that increasing on only one side of the garment would give me the balanced coverage I desired. Doh!!

3. Why isn't Knitty Gritty on ON Demand!? Do they think knitters aren't savvy enough to work a remote?

4. Stop being a snob and learn how to crochet! Yea you!!

5. Erica B. just finished some great looking jeans. She even embroidered the pockets.

6. I'm going to make a bunch of nappy-headed and curly-headed dolls so that Poppy Sassypants can have some multi-cultural friends. I'm sure she has some but they shouldn't look like teddy bears or Barbies. I'm thinking boucle.

7. Fall and winter are just around the corner. That means new boots!!

8. I need to figure out some way to kiss up to Sheila enough to have her help me jump start designing my own stuff.

9. You know, Ravelry really does rock!

Kamika is now done blabblanting. I will now get back to work. I need to finish the Chrysanthemum Tea Shawl from Amazing Lace. I have 1 1/2 rounds to go and I ran out of yarn. So off to Michael's today to buy one more ball of Paton's Grace. I also need to get digging on the Surplice Bodice. I hope to have this one finished real soon. I'm hungry.

Pics in the next post,



Virtuous said...

LOL @ The View! So true @ circus for castaways. They lost my interest right after Ling left.

OOh! I can't wait to see Kinky Coil Cousin to Poppy Sassypants!! :oD

Christie said...

You crack me up! Yes, Poppy does need some multi-cultural friends...doesn't Holly count!?!?!

And so true about Lisa Ling. But who would pass up trading out Barbara Walters for Oprah?