Thursday, August 16, 2007

Throwback Thursdays ~ FO: Aran Weight Lace Shell

In continuing with Throwback Thursdays, peep the Aran Weight Lace Shell. This was my first lace project (I can be ambitious at times). Originally made for myself but better suited for my older sister so I gave it to her. The pattern is from

Blue Raglan ShellBlue Raglan Shell-2
Time: March 2006 - April 2006
Yarn: Elann Endless Summer Connemara, Cashmere Blue, 7.5 balls (91yds each)
Needles/Hook: US 7



PAJNSTL said...

That blue is really pretty!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Good of you to give it to your sister, too.

KimT said...

that shell is awesome! love the color

gold said...

Very cute!!

Lesalicious said...

Very very cute. I am not a knitter but, I tend to jump into blogs with knitters love your shirt great job. Oh also I have been giving other people this link to Crafty Crafter's its a site for those people that have blogs that is all about there hobbies so if you like to list your blog there go right ahead. Will be back to check out more of your work. Great job.:)

Monique said...

Oh wow! That's really pretty. Would love to see your sister model it or even just see it on a bust. Great work!

Kamika said...

Thanks ladies for all the great comments.

@Lesalicious - thanks for the invite. I peeped the site and added my blog. Great company over there!

@Monique - I don't see my big sis that often so getting her to model it would probably be slim. A great alternative is the link in my post. The actual pattern shows the fo on a bust and on the designer. HTH!

Anonymous said...

Nice project! SB