Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Two Sides Of the Same Petal

Back in August I volunteered to test knit a cardigan for Stefanie Japel called Petal. Petal is a maternity sweater that can also be worn when not pregnant. The fit can be altered by how you button or not button the fronts (petals). When completely closed the petal effect is very obvious.

Knit in the raglan top-down style common to Japel and familiar to those who have knit her projects in the past, it's a pretty quick and easy knit. If you are expecting or just looking for a great gift for those in you're life who are, then this may be a perfect project for you. Non-pregnant style mavens will enjoy this too. Below you'll see pics of the sweater belted (forgive my short waisted dress form), just to give you and idea of how to change it up.

At this time the pattern isn't available yet for purchase and I'm not sure if it's going in a book or mag but when I get that info I will most def share it with you.

Time: September 8th - October 3rd
Plymouth Encore in Wedgewood Blue, Just 4 skeins (200yds each)
Needles/Hook: US 8 and 3

About The Author

Stefanie Japel is the author of the popular Fitted Knits (March 2007) and the upcoming Glam Knits (March 2008). She has been a contributing designer in many well known publications including Vogue Knitting Magazine as well as for yarn companies Tilli Tomas, Artful Yarns and seen on the show Knitty Gritty. Stefanie and her husband Nate reside in New Mexico and are expecting their first child in January 2008. Check out her other great patterns on her site at Glampyre Knits.



Virtuous said...

What fun to test and and such a great compliment!

Michelle said...

I personally think this pattern is great for a maternity top! It looks like its a versitle garment. You can put a belt with ito r even knit a button whole and place a cute button on the collar. Glad you were able to knit this sample pattern.

del said...

That's great you were able to knit up a sample! And I like the fact that you can wear this after pregnancy because that's what bugged me about some pregnant knitting patterns I saw. All that work & I can only wear it for 9 months (not even that)? This is much better.

Sheila said...

Lucky you to enjoy knitting up such a lovely garment... great color choice

Jscothammerquist said...

I love Stephanie Japel !
I think the aweater is adorable !
You did a lovely job on the sweater.

Robin said...

How fun that you got to test knit this! I love Stefanie's designs and I didn't even realize that this was a maternity sweater when she showed glimpses of it on her blog. Cute!