Saturday, March 17, 2007

Miss Jessie Miss Jessie

So since this blog is about HAIR and k&c, i should probably tell you's all about some of my hair exploits. LOL. I was lucky enough to get in on the "Ms. Jessie's Giveaway" sponsored by Motown Girl. She was giving away 2oz samples of select Ms. Jessie's products. I chose the Curly Pudding.

For years I have been hearing rave reviews, opinions of styling costs and ownership quirks aside, about how good the products were. How they really defined and softened nappy curls/coils, and how effective they are at turning our "kinks into curls," yadda yadda yadda. Oh, the mystique surrounding these products is heavy. Over the years (2 years fully natural in August, 4 years contemplating in November) I have wanted to try these products but I just couldn't stomach paying $58 and now $38 for them. I'm not cheap by no means. I just didn't want to be disappointed nor did I want to become a product junkie AND be out half a c-note.

I paid the shipping for the product last week and got it in about 4 days. Kudos to Motown Girl for such fast shipping. I condish washed on Wednesday and then put some Curly Pudding in while wet. Since I use Giovanni Direct-Leave In as my staple, I didn't see a noticeable difference in the definition of my tiny coils. I wasn't deterred though. That evening I decided to do some dry medium-fat twists and rolled them on sponge rollers to set overnight. The next morning I unrolled and untwisted and this is what I got:

... a puffy frizzy mess. My hair was shiny and defined when I took the rollers down. But baby! When I went outside to take these pics, my hair pouffed and became crispy-like. I can't say that my hair was dried out, but it did become crispy, as if I had too much gel on it.

That night I retwisted it (without adding more pudding) and wore it up in a twist pull back. The twists seemed to expand and separate. It also was shiny but not silky. Which is what I'm normally used to with my twists. To sum it up, I think I may give the remainder of my sample to a friend who is considering the natural life. She has curlier hair than mine and it may work well for her. A couple of kudos though. It sure smelled good and the consistency was nice. I'm sure it works great for some, but it's just not for me.


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PAJNSTL said...

Yes! I'm reading archives

LOL... That's JUST why I haven't tried any of the Jessies and Carols. the hype surrounding them makes them seem like wonder products... but every now and then you get an real testimonial and go WHAT!