Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Itching Fingers

So last night I got beside myself and was a little restless in the crafting area. I couldn't get enough of projects and decided to deplete the little bit of yarn stash I do have. As I see it, it's a waste of space to just have it sitting there when I could wear it or give it away. Besides, I plan to buy some new yarn this weekend and I already used the eBay gift certificate my mom gave me for my birthday on yarn to finish a few projects I already have in the que.

Look What I Can Do!

All winter I kept saying that I wanted to make myself a hat. I had made one for my friend Rae and needed one desperately for those, "I don't want to comb my hair" days. I found this really cute pattern called "Durango" on YarnCats blog. She has a whole series or really great hats and projects she's created. She also provides the patterns for free! If you like the hat, I strongly recommend you visit her site. The flower patterns are from various other sources. FYI, I did add on about 5 additional rows to get a longer hat. The original pattern was sufficient. I just wanted mine longer to give a kind of cloche effect.

The materials for this hat used were:

  • 1.5 skeins Plymouth Yarns Sunsette, green color (no name)
  • Remnants of various yarns from stash including Colinette, Red Hart Camo, and Gallway Wool.
Remember how ambitious I was about finishing the Fat-bottom Bag quickly? Well as you can see below, it's still in production and I obviously didn't make my deadline. I got the grand idea to enlarge the bag to a more realistic size. I don't like really small cutesy purses that only hold lipstick and a small box of Altoids. I like them larger but no so large that they can be called "pocketbooks." Remember how your mom used to wear a pocketbook? She would have everything in that bag from tissue paper to a brush, and even air freshener. Ahh, good times good times. Then again I have been seeing some great big bags lately.

So anyways. This is my current progress on the bag. I added 12 extra rows, including a couple of double crochets to expand the bag width-wise and 6 extra stitches to give it about 1.5 more inches in height. Well guess what? I ran out of yarn doing all these dang 'ole modifications. Alas, this is what I had to reorder on eBay using my gift certificate. I can't wait until it gets here. Until then it will just have to sit on the right end of my couch resting. Just so you know, the right end of my couch is my progress bin.

Talk to you soon beloveds!



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