Friday, March 16, 2007

Fat-Bottom Bag & The Yarn Lady

I had the pleasure of going with my new friend Rhonda to a number of shops today. We made a day of hitting consignment shops in Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach. Slipping in and out of posh stores with their barely worn garments of the likes of Pucci, Blahnik, LaCroix, St. John and the venerable Gucci. I loves me some Gucci, but I was very happy that nothing struck my fancy so much that I would yearn to whip out a credit card to take it home with me. I've been avoiding shopping since I'm now on a budget and the only reason Ms. Rhonda got me out today was because the original plan was to hit a new LYS called The Yarn Lady. I'm so happy we made these detours on the way. I really enjoyed our trip and the great company.

I'm a bit of an oddity in the knitting/crochet world. I don't really have a yarn stash, nor do I aspire to. I like to buy yarn for projects and finish the projects. I hate remnants, which I guess stems from my sewing days. I like to buy the amount of yarn needed, work it, and move on. Maybe it's because I don't have a lot of storage space or because I can't justify buying yarn to stash on my budget. I'm also a bit of a minimalist in my design aesthetic. Everything needs to have it's proper place and not look messy or bleed onto other things. But look what I bought today! 3 hanks of Berrocco Cotton Twist in a sunny yellow and 1 ball of Tahki Dream in a creamy light green. I plan to make the Fat-bottom Bag (seen here on the home page) by Julie Holetz, from the "Happy Hooker" book with it. I will be enlarging the bag and doing a slight color variation, but I can't wait to see how it will turn out. I expect to hook it up starting tonight and hopefully have the needlework done by tomorrow. I then will have to go out and find a nice lining for it and some great handles.
Wish me luck! I'll keep you posted.

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