Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me....(Recap)

OK! So March 19th was my 31st birthday! Shall I say it was a GREAT day! My loved ones really showed me some love. I can't complain, these folks know how to do it up when you threaten to come after them in there sleep. Just kidding! Actually my birthday is normally celebrated for an entire month (didn't you know about us spoiled ones?), but then again aren't all March babies.

On this blessed day, my hair turned out gorgeous, my clothing was a size smaller, and my spirits were continually uplifted. Thank God for birthdays! As you get older and remain single with no kids birthdays are all the holidays you really get to enjoy for yourself.

Extra special love to my beloved March babies: Reina, Rae Ann, Daniel, Lolieta, Bonnie, DeAnn, Tony V, Albert, and Yolanda! May God bless us for another beautiful year.


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