Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And So It Begins...

I for one would never have thought that I would have a blog. I was too interested in reading the musings of others in theirs. Well the blog bug has finally bit and I'm jumping in feet first with great excitement to be able to share the happenings of my life.

As my profile says, this blog will include a lot of info about my knitting and crochet projects and the goings on in the string world, as well as information on natural hair care, my journey, what I've learned and were I plan to go. Me and my hair that is. I hope to also just share in the serendipity that is my life. Some boring, some blase, while others most definately comical.

I hope this can be a place of exchange and sharing. So jump in with your comments. The lemonade is free and so are the laughs, but you must bring your own comb and sticks!


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