Thursday, May 31, 2007

WW Knit In Public Day ~ June 9th!

Saturday, June 9th is the International Knit in Public Day also known as World Wide Knit In Public Day. A day when knitters around the world break the boundaries of the blogosworld and knit together OUTSIDE!

Outside means OUTSIDE! Not just out of the confines of your home, LYS or wherever you normally knit indoors. It's out in the public on grassy lawns, in knowly parks, and poolside (maybe even floating on an inner tube or two). It's a picnic where the main course in the baskets are yarn and knitting needles. In a pleasant local where you are not the only knitting oddity.

I'm sure many of you in the knitting world are already aware of this event but for those of you who are not. Click the picture above to get a listing of hosted WWKIP 2007 day events in your area. I originally intended to post links for the Los Angeles area but unfortunately this year no one has taken the baton to host. Hopefully this won't deter individuals from getting outside and knitting anyway. This summer is promising to be a warm one.

Get out in the sun!



QueenLi said...

I hope I make it to this event where I live. I got your message, and no, I have not heard the song "acoustic" but check out this link for the song.

Take care~

Christie said...

Thanks for commenting! I thought I had Bloglined you, because I knew I read somebody's blog who had made the Blue curacao shawl. I'm planning on making one too!

Well it does suck that no one is taking up the baton in LA. Maybe someone will organize something last minute. :)