Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Ooh Ooh Ooh! Banana Republic [BR] has come out with a line of fragrances called the "Discovery Collection." Three great fragrances, Alabaster; Rosewood; and Jade, that's sure to fit you. Well at least one will. Let's just say I'm a little Jade'd.

BR's tagline is, "Discover the fragrance that speaks to you." I hope they don't talk! Inanimate objects just shouldn't talk. That's a bad thing. I know! I know! I know! I get what they are trying to say but my mind went on a tangent to the fantasmic side. Musk shouldn't talk just like must shouldn't hum (remember that?). I don't care if it is Kashmir, Bergamot, and warm. Especially not if it's warm! LOL

Here's the scent breakdowns:
  1. Alabaster - "Delicate & Captivating" Lotus Flower, Wild Rose, & Warm Musks
  2. Rosewood - "Warm & Alluring" Bergamot Champagne, White Tea Leaves, & White Amber
  3. Jade - "Bright & Intriguing" (THAT'S ME! j/k) Tropical Pomegranate, Musky Cotton Flower, & Kashmir Wood
So anyways, treat yourselves ladies. Next time you swing by BR, try the scents. As said before, Jade is my favorite but Alabaster is nice. I didn't prefer Rosewood, but I'm sure it's nice for somebody. Ask for samples (get a few for me while you are at it, all my BRs are out) and if all else fails, just open the drawer on the display and get a few. They don't mind. They just shrugged when I did it. Twice! LOL

Let me know if you have some or if you get some!



lina said...

I love BR - used to work there -- I plan on swinging thru and trying all of these out.

love the blog girl -- keep it clicking!


PAJNSTL said...

OMG!!! I LOVE Rosewood and Alabaster!