Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ribbit! I Think I Hear Frogs In The Distance

I don't like it! I don't like it one bit! I finished the Garn Studios bolero today and my response is, meh. I could think of a whole host of other projects I could have used all that beautiful Berocco Ultra Alpaca on. I don't like the shaping on this sweater at all. It's totally off and doesn't suit anyone with at least an egg for a boob.

I'm sure if I blocked this AGAIN that it would probably hang better and be the right size (after killing it of course) but I'm really not feeling it. I originally started this as a gift for my mother. I gauged it in the largest size and swatched it. I blocked before seaming all the pieces together and look what I got. It was a nice exercise in increasing my knitting speed but a terribly designed sweater.

And another thing! Who needs that much ribbing on the sleeves. I really should have adjusted more than the size when I started this. I had already lengthened the sleeves and adjusted everything else. I should have cut the 8" of ribbing at the wrist area down to about 5 or 6". Frogs, toads, tadpoles, whatever. Ribbit is all I hear.

Maybe you all can see something in this I don't. Tell me what you think!



Sheila said...

I don't really see the problems you mentioned...but the designer knows best... will stayed tuned for the outcome of Garn Studios bolero.

Saun said...

I kinda agree with you. Something about it just doesn't sit right. It's not a bad sweater, just not the most flattering. It's better to frog and reuse the yarn for something you will wear than to let it sit there in the hope that you'll wear it.