Saturday, June 28, 2008

Verizon's Got It Out For Me!

Hi All! I've been away due to my move and the fact that I still don't have Internet service at my new place yet. Damn! Damn! Damn!Verizon!! I'm going stir crazy. Because of the filters at work I can't blog there either. Be of good cheer though. I have been lurking on Ravelry and viewing blogs via caching on Google. Caching is an option on Google where you can see a sort of screen print of a site without all the pictures and hyperlinks. Unfortunately I can't comment. I'm posting tonight via DM's computer. It's so lacking in functionality.

I plan to be back in the swing of things by the middle of this week. I can't wait to be back in the land of the living (well I'm always living but you know). I am enjoying the peace, quiet, and solitude though. I feel all rested and stuff...

Miss you much,

Kamika the emancipated & proclaimated


Virtuous said...

Aah you are all moved! Yay!
Hopefully Verizon will get you all connected soon! In the meantime, you can view blogs in Google Reader?? Or are your work filters messin' that up too??

See you next blog time! :o)

Pajnstl said...

life without internet can suck... glad you're all moved

NikkiJ said...

Congrats on your new spot. Be patient. I tried to savor the time without my computer near and then I got internet on my phone. I think I have a problem.