Sunday, June 15, 2008

A FO, A Bed, & Some Hope

In Reverse order.

The Hope:

I'm counting down! Five more days until I'm emancipated from my life of serfdom at The Motel. I can't wait! I've been itching to buy all kinds of stuff to get ready for this move. I've already scheduled a day off, ordered the utilities, and assembled the move crew. I even bought a brand new high tech shower head. DM is a little surly about it but she'll get over it. LB and ST have moved back in as well as The Guest, Jeeves, and The Nut so she'll have plenty of company.

The Bed:

Yesterday I went out and bought a brand new bed! It's so FIYAH. I got it from Z Gallerie le outlet instead of the retail store and I'm so happy I did. I got it for 70% off and it's still in their current catalogue. Can you believe it?

This is my bed, called the Leslie Bed in Chocolate Passion Micro-Suede. The entire bed cost me $325 with tax. On the website it's going for $1,083 with tax and NOT including the shipping of $135. In total I saved a whopping $893. I just can't help but to pat myself on the back.

and lastly...

The FO: Reverse Halter

Forgive the "Front" pic. I have a serious issue with letting my niece's cleavage and belly be exposed and she didn't have time to put on a tank top before work. I believe in modesty, plus my niece didn't wear the collar up. Better pictures to come. Since this is a gift for my cousin Stacey, I'll try to catch her wearing it.

Time: June 2008, About a 2 weeks due to figuring out mods
Yarn: Vanna's Choice Worsted Weight Yarn, 4 balls in rust
Needles/Hook: J
Modifications: Instead of using Paton's Pooch as pattern calls for I used small wooden rings (about 72) from the jewelry making section of Michael's. Knitaholictoo suggested wooden beads. Thanks for the inspiration girl!

Kamika on the move


Nettie said...

Okay. First, that bed is craazzy. I love it! Getting it for such a steal makes it all the sweeter.

Second, I love your mods! You must give some details on the how you attached the wooden rings. I like this look so much better than the original.

Virtuous said...

LUV your bed!!!!

Knitaholictoo said...

The bed is awesome!!!

The sweater in a word is FIERCE! Wish I had the bravado to work it!

urbanknitrix said...

Oh chile, I LOVE that bed and the price is THA BOMB (did I tell my age).

Yes, no cleavage or belly button need to be shown. Showing less is always more.

life as I know said...

That bed is fabulous, and getting it for such a deal makes it all the better. I Love It! Makes me want a new bed.