Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mean While, Back At the Ranch

Yippe Kayo, Yippe Kaya! I'm planning on checking out of The Motel this month. My long season of serfdom is almost over. I just can't take it no more! We have far less guests but way more drama of which I probably am the most guilty of. Jeeves has been getting on my nerves like no other. I just can't stand...Well whatever! I'm tired of rehashing the idiocy that is embodied in him. All I know is that there is no time like the present.

I started looking about 3 weeks ago and I think I'm really close to finding the apartment I want. I can't wait to move into peace and quiet. If I ever have roommates again (which I won't unless they come with names like husband and chir'ren) we all better live on the same or similar schedules. I'm a bit neurotic about my quiet time.

It's like relationships. A few differences bring zest and new experiences but too many differences and you got a hell-in-a-handbag bust hell wide open situation. My relations with The Motel has been of the latter. So let's cut to the chase. Who's to blame? ME of course! As if.

You just can't work a 9-5 be on a routine schedule and live with people who have no idea of what a schedule or routine is. It's not their fault. They don't have jobs and so they go to bed at 11pm after an evening of rauckus gossiping, snore like a locamotive all night, and then have the audacity to wake you up at 4:30am with their shuffling and nervous tendencies and singing of old negro spirituals, and more loud talking to only themselves. Going in and out of doors all night like a crack head, testing buttons a new cell phone and being in awe of the speaker phone feature like they just landed on earth all before the rooster has even gotten up. If I was a swearing women I'd say I swear I hear roosters cursing him every morning. If you haven't gotten the picture, let me sum it up for you. Have you ever had someone wake you up 30 minutes to an hour before you actually have to get up? Well there you go. EVERYDAY!

DM thinks it's cute. She ain't gonna think it's cute when I'm gone and he's sleeping in the room next to hers and The Geezers with only a thin wood paneled wall between them. She's gonna really be pissed when I don't give her my new address.

I'm not angry. I'm just counting down the days until I'm gone. I can see sweet freedom on the horizon.

I've been working on the Reverse Halter from Double Stitch. It's going so fast that there's no need to post progress pics. FO in next post.

Kamika the Free


Pajnstl said...

whoo hoo! Nothing like have your own space!

veiland said...

Lol! I agree. reminds me of my roommate days...well, it was actually my apartment and my girlfriend was using it as base cover b4 she went to law school didn't start soon enough for me!!!

del said...

That living situation Sorry, it really doesn't! I think I'd be going crazy. "old negro spirituals"...too funny!

urbanknitrix said...

Girl, you have me dying over here and surely needed it this morning. Well you will have peace of mind soon and can walk around butt naked if you want to.