Saturday, August 2, 2008

Upgrade Me!

Had an eventful last couple of days. This week was my department's "Team Building Week". Something much needed since in our large department is made up of about 5 or 6 smaller departments that look each other in the face each day but have little to say to one another. The ladies who organized it did a very good job of drawing the silly and friendly competition out of us all. I really commend them for their hard work, not only because I myself had goo gobs of fun participating but I know it's really hard getting a whole bunch of pretentious and insanely political folks to work together.

Each day our groups, chosen at the onset by kiddie puzzle pieces, worked together to solve Olympic-like games such as cake decorating and poster drawing. The week culminated in an picnic outing to a very large park and a tour of our lovely city all on board a classic British double-decker bus piloted by two guys in kilts. Seeing as I don't drink, I wasn't too surprised at how wild we got without liquor. I think some of them were cause they were telling all their business the minute someone looked their way. It was all good though. I didn't take pics.

I don't know if Ihad to but I did go out and buy a new computer yesterday. The other night while watching The Boondocks my trusty old computer tried to give up the ghost. It froze on me and said I had a registry error. I resuscitated it but after restarging it made me reenter the Microsoft key and told me it had to restore itself. I knew then that the time had come for me to put my beloved baby to sleep. I had put it off as long as I could. No sense in prolonging the life support.

It didn't help that folks were laughing behind its back every time I talked about it. I began to dread the question, "what are you running?", for fear that I would look out of touch. I would always give my pat answer: "Windows 98, but it's super fast and clean. I've never had a virus, run all the programs I need, and am only looking to upgrade because Microsoft stopped providing support for it nearly a year ago." They would look at me like I was crazy and bust out laughing. Saying mess like, "You don't even have XP?" and "Windows 98?" and "How much memory you got on that thang?" To which I would always want to respond with something smart like, "Does Windows 98 sound like XP?" and "I see you on the memory tip. I'se only got about 11 gigs." The last part alone would make them fall out on the floor again but this time holding the fetal position until they realized how tall and imposing I looked from their position on the floor.

So yesterday I pushed up my scheduled purchasing by about a month and sashayed into Circuit City to look at their units. It would be a unit until I bought it, then it would become my family. I figured now would be the perfect time to buy one because back to school is just around the corner and I should be able to get a good deal. I figured I would hit CC and then swing over to Best Buy to see what they had. I didn't get past my first stop.

After looking at all the "out of box" units (former display units), I settled on 5 that were under $500 dollars. When the manager came over to help me I told him my dilemma. He laughed his sinister laugh. Ha Ha Ha! Then told me that he had to go tell his other manager what I was running, cause that would give him a good laugh and lift his spirits. I didn't know there was a ministry in computer buying. The evidence of God is everywhere. After his bellyrub he told me he felt sorry for me (in much nicer terms) and that he had to bring me up to at least Vista, especially since Microsoft just stop supporting XP about 3 weeks ago. I decided to play the damsel in distress role and appeal to his ego with my Win98 handicap and my obviously somewhat well read knowledge of computers. I was off and running. No batting my eyelashes needed. It was refreshing to him. Silly rabbit!

In the end I won! I left with a computer that was outside of my original 5 choices. The computer I got was $120 higher than the highest I was looking at. He gave me a discount. He offered $100 off so I asked for $120 he agreed. I tried to test my luck at $140 but by that time, he had caught up.

My new fam is a lean mean, computing machine. I now have 720 gigs and can watch high def TV on my computer without squinting. I refuse to pay for cable when the cost of watching TV through your computer is free through your ISP. That's one less bill I have to worry about.

My favorite TV watching spot.

Kamika Upgraded

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! I know our computer is going to give up the ghost any day now, but I do not want to shop for another one! I wouldn't even know where to start.