Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting Restless

I'm getting restless again. It's a mode I get into every couple of years when I feel I need to make a change on the 9-5 front. I'm bored as the dickens and have been having a hard time finding the burst of energy to swing by the Man's house each day. I do get there every morning, although my attitude has been less than stellar. When I get to this point it's usually a quick spiral down into pure judgemental anger against those I work with ending in an all out stalemate.

I hate that about myself. I need to take work and my work environment less seriously but I've always had an issue with being non-productive and having non-productive people around me. I figure since you spend 1/3 or more of your daily life there you need to love it or at least like it. I feel that when I get there I should have things to do that don't drop my IQ 25 points each day. I'm not one of those who likes to come to work and sit around. If you are willing to pay me to do nothing or to surf the Internet, then pay me to stay home. None of this was in the job description.

I don't need to control situations anymore, I've learned that God takes care just fine without my input and usually to my advantage. What I do need is for people to work smart with me and delegate those things which are not their forte before they become chaos. I do not like the voice of our department being the one person who is making the most mistakes and causing delays.

I'm trying to be 100% and not 75% grateful. I need to take this as an opportunity to nip murmuring in the bud and to love people regardless of their shortcomings like others do me. I'm going to working on that today. I'm off as we've had a death in the family and I need to help take care of some business. I'll keep you all posted later.

Question: How do you deal with working in a not-so-ideal work environment? This can include SAHMs as well.

Kamika checking her attitude at the door


NikkiJ said...

I have an engineering degree and found myself one day working as a customer service rep for an online company. I prayed daily that God would make me a good servant. The managers didn't even know I was more educated and experienced than them until it was time for me to go. They were shutting down that facility and were cool with people printing their resumes and stuff. A manager saw my resume on the printer.

I learned sooooo much from talking all day long to all kind of people. I learned so much with working with folks who never desired to do anything better than what they were doing.

May I suggest, that when you see something that needs getting done around your office just do it. Be bold and ask you boss for meetings and in those meetings share with him your ideas on how to solve some of the problems. When you see someone dealing with something that they keep screwing up at, offer to help them from the get go or take on that responsibility yourself permanently.

These are just a few suggestions.

helenkosings said...

NikkiJ's comments are spot on IMO. I firmly believe that work done in a spirit of service to humanity is a kind of worship. What I wonder is: why are you in this position? If this is a repeating pattern in your life, perhaps there's some kind of lesson you are missing - that has been my own experience!
Even if you are just there for the paycheck, that's still OK - it is good to be able to pay one's bills even if the work is unsatisfying.

urbanknitrix said...

Hey Kamika,

I think we are going through the same thing. Well, let me speak for me. I have been on my current job for 5 years and counting. I have been bored for the last year and a half. I was at my old job for 8 years, I war bored for the last 3 years. I HAVE to be productive, learning something. If you are not learning anything new you are losing job skills. At my current job I met with my boss and told him I was bored. We had dinner he said, he didn't want me to go and there will be changes to get me involved in other areas. Well, I am doing the same thing. So I made a personal decision, go to grad school so I can learn something new and to take some other additional classes.

The people I work with are actually good people, my boss works my nerves every blue moon. But the problem is me, I like to learn new things and be motivated. I have learned everything at this point and am just collecting a paycheck.

Virtuous said...

Gurl I am so not the person to ask that question to right now. As my attitude is sucking majorily at work!! I have been looking for a new job for a year now and needed to leave 2 years ago!! Sigh......I just keep saying to myself "Trust in God" and HE tells me when it is time to go.

But your last paragraph rang so true for me. I need to be grateful 100%!!

Keeping praying Kamika!

And I will be praying for you as well, especially with your recent loss.

Favor & blessings!

Carmell said...

i do crafts. since i don't work. i learn new crafts. i recently taught myself to crochet. i love it! sometimes i feel "is this it? is this all i'm gonna do?" but i know God has more for me but right now taking care and raising my kids is what i'm supposed to be doing. so i can't complain. i know i rather be home than working!! keep your head it. God does things in his time so just be patient.

Pajnstl said...

I co-sign everything the other ladies have said.

For myself... My lack of education has been holding me back. So im back in school to fix that and i'm 100% grateful that i have learned my job well enough that i can do school work w/o sacrificing my office work.