Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Know What Irks Me? Ungrateful Kids

Motel Babylon has become a community, ya'll. I'm not holding back anymore. I have to tell you what is irking me so that I can be free. If you agree, you agree. If you don't, you don't. If you want to share your irks, put it in the comments. I may just co-sign on it.

You Know What Irks Me? Ungrateful Chillens


Please please please teach your children the value of saying and showing thanks! I'm not talking about any particular incident or any particular person, just children as a whole.

Children need to learn gratitude. When a gift is given to them regardless of the mode of delivery, a child should show thanks. Not the parents, but the child. Or in some cases the child in addition to the parent. When I say, 'mode of delivery' I mean regardless of if the gift came from a co-worker to the parent to give to the kid or some other person offered to pay (and the parent accepted)for something on behalf of the child. The child should still say thank you unless the parent is trying to keep it on the low-low or unless the gift-giver had ulterior motives.

Put the child's cursive/handwriting skills to good use. They learned it for a reason. Get them some thank you cards or even some wide-ruled lined paper and sit them down to write a Thank you note. Let em color a picture and put their name on it and some stickers. Whatever!

I'm getting so tired of parents saying thank you for kids that are of the age to be able to do it themselves. I'm so tired of parents ad-libbing for their kids and telling folks how much their kid loved a toy. Your kid couldn't verbalize that? Babies get a pass because they can't verbalize. But anybody that can speak up on some food (by name) can say thank you.

What happened to parents filling in the "please" and "thank you" for kids when they forgot to say it? Sheesh!

Kamika don't lie, it irks you too


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sounds like the x generation to me - well said

urbanknitrix said...

I agree with you. People don't use pen and paper no more. And guess what AND they are really not teaching cursive handwritting anymore isn't THAT something. I remember that being part of a grade when I was in school because mine would always be jacked because I am a lefty.