Sunday, September 28, 2008


I couldn't tell it if I tried! Ya'll just dont' know how good God has been to me all my life. I can't tell you because there are no words in any human dialect that can express how much I love Him. God is truly my first husbandman and He spoils me with His brand new mercies everyday. Just waking up every morning is a new blessing I don't even have to think about.

As a single woman, whom God has kept directly off the dating scene for a number of years, I have never in my life been more spoiled by any previous lovers. Here's some examples:
  1. I asked God in prayer for a vacation (eventhough I hadn't worked in over 2 years and had no money). God blessed me with a free cruise to Mexico.

  2. In response to what I wanted for my 30th birthday a few years back I responded with "pearls." I got a full strand of freshwater pearls and earrings.

  3. The birthday before that, some sisters and I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Beverly Hills. We were having a great time! At the end of our meal the waiters sang to me and told us to have a great day. Then our waiter went on about his business. When we asked him twice where our check was, he told us (twice mind you, cause we didn't believe him) that a gentleman across the room had paid our check. The gentleman also told the waiter to tell me, "Happy Birthday!" Talk about your heart burning because his motive was only to make our day and not pick up on anyone. I believe that man was my Lord.

  4. During the season where I was losing everything in order to come closer to God, I almost got evicted from my apartment. God said no and the judge threw out the case because the landlord had overcharged me $2.50!

  5. In that same season I lost my truck and God allowed me to go to a large well known car dealership and get a car that wasn't 2 years old yet for free. Yep FREE! I paid nothing for it and hold the title to this very day!

My most recent expression of His spoiling love happened this weekend. I had been thinking about buying some Gucci sunglasses (ya'll know I likes me some Gucci), but because I wanted to be a good steward of the monies I've received, I decided to wait until the end of the year. Well look what my beloved got me:

I was strolling through Tarjay on yesterday, looking at the sunglasses. I'm just trying on various pairs when I come across this pair and they fit me perfectly. I thought it was odd that they were labeled differently (a big fat sticker directly on the lens) instead of a hang tag. The logo looked slightly Gucciesque but for $16.99 I could only dream. I buy the glasses and think nothing of it until I get in my car this morning and decide to actually look at them. I got REAL Gucci Havana sunglasses that retail for over $200.00 for $16.99! Serial numbers and e'rethang. I know knocks when I see'em and these ain't them.


He's so good to me! It's not about the material things He gives me. But the love I feel when I draw near to Him. He truly does perfect those things which concern Kamika. I would be a fool to not give Him praise.

Kamika not bragging just testifying


Pajnstl said...

go withcho spoiled self :)

Harlem Purl said...


Virtuous said...

*rustles around*
*pulls out offering*
*throws in plate*
You betta testify up in here!!!

O Taste and See that the LORD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!

He is just awesome!

Knitaholictoo said...

Virtuous, you slay me!

Testify K, Praise Him! He is indeed good.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

jones im disappointed 2.50 is a half a tank of gas

Anonymous said...


...runs out the door to Tarjay!!!

urbanknitrix said...

AMEN is right!! With a double side of Hallelujah and that's not a joke.

Sauce said...

Speak on it!

KimT said...

Girl! Thanks for sharing all that. God is truly good. And I totally believe the thing about the gucci glasses in Target, because I myself have found a pair of PRADA shoes there. I could not believe my eyes. They were too small for me and not really my style, but I was blown away! Keep on praising him and sharing your testimony!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

got your request - i wront one amonth or two ago on deflation her it is That’s makes 10

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for an awesome testimony of the goodness of God and his provisions. I really needed to hear that. Be Blessed