Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Lil of This & A Lil of That

As I sit here coming down off my sugar ecstasy, I figured I bet to get to writing. Not much to talk about but much ado about nothing. Nothing No. 1 being that I haven't had sugar in my system for nearly 3 weeks and have dropped about 10lbs. Sugar is cryptonite and crack all rolled up into one. When I'm fiending for sugar I start looking like Pookie from New Jack City. I'll beat a negroe down for some sugar. I'll cut em if it's got some pecans mixed in. Look at me, giving away all the details. But my Coffee Lovers from Coldstone was good.

No. 2, I hit my 3 year nappiversary on August 28th. I've gone from bald, afflicted with alopecia, to very thick and boring. Yes, I said boring! I need to find a natural stylist to take me and my hair to the next level. I got growing it on lock (eventhough advice is always welcome), what I now need is someone to take my styling back to FLY level, so I can feel more put together. Anybody know of a good stylist in LA that's into hair CARE and styling? It's gotta be both. Patrice asked me about a year ago if I ever straightened. Below is about as close as I get at home. I may consider flat ironing more often though just for a style change. I'm coveting that Chi iron.

No.3, been shopping waaay too much! Peep some of the products I bought. Can you say CHI's my baby daddy and I got the hair to prove it? LOL. I'm so in love with Chi products now. Talk about great slip and moisturizing. You don't need a lot of these products, so a 12oz bottle could probably last you a couple of months. An added bonus is that they smell like a really good smelling mens' cologne. I plan to do a review of them soon.

Stopped at Sephora and got some great makeup on the same outing went down to MAC in Nordstrom's and allowed myself to be bamboozled into a whole bunch more of makeup. I came to my senses just before I was about to plop down another $150 to buy FlowerBomb perfume by Viktor & Rolf. As an aside: At both of these stores male clerks (I know, so passe, but what are they called now?) were rocking the latest in makeup accoutrement. I mean full face with a swish. I was weirded out. It wasn't even dark outside yet. LOL, I kid. I don't think I took pictures of it all.

I may get that FlowerBomb this weekend though.

No. 4, I did my first weave. On DM. For Free. She called it free advertising. I called it slavery revisited. She said, "I'm your momma and I deserve it." To which I responded, "You lying lady!" (in my head of course). She's rocking it though. She refuses to wear her own hair. I have greater respect for stylists now. I'm now at her house every weekend washing and curling her up like she Patti Labelle or somebody. I will not be making this a side hustle. I need my hands to knit.

No. 5, I done did something crazy with my latest knit project that I don't even feel like discussing now.

...and last but not least

No. 6, a fellow blogger asked me why he wasn't in my blog roll. Cause shadetree, I ain't even been to my blog let alone updated my blogroll. Besides, you're in my reader and that's all that matters. LOL Ya'll can check out Dr. Rawdawgbuffalo here and over there ~~> On point southern commentary I think we can all use.

Kamika got those books balanced


Pajnstl said...

I'm having some hair issues right now. lol I just cut it all off to start again. The chi iron is a godsend

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

y u call me dr. in public

and stay away from that sugar folk and get some of my books
was u the one who nominated me folk - u all beautified and fashion wise and stuff

Virtuous said...

Gurl sugar is my VICE!!!
As soon as I stop eating it and lower my carbs weight slides off of me too!

Happy Nappiversary!! :o)

I actually have alopecia, but not traction, areata. So glad you were able to get your hair back on track!

LOL @ slavery revisited
Your mom's weave looks good! Time for me to revisit my wigstyle! ;op

Until next blog time...

Anonymous said...

Look at your weavin' skills, girl. Mom looks good.

Happy Nappiversary, too...feels great, doesn't it?

If I could only figure out a way to drink my coffee without sugar, I might be able to give up the sweet stuff, too.

urbanknitrix said...

Work it!!! Your mom hair looks nice, real nice.

I have been trying to get rid of sugar but it is so hard. Thats the reason I stopped drinking coffe, and added sugar. Problem is packaged crap with sugar already added. What are you using as a substitute? I can't use the fake sugar stuff.

Knitaholictoo said...

Happy Nappaversary!!!

your sista crackhead, lol

Mom's rockin' it.

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