Thursday, May 15, 2008


Tell me if you think this is strange. Years ago (approx 6 or 7) I Googled myself and came upon a listing of someone with nearly the exact same name and age as me (I don't know her birth date). The only difference is that her middle initial is different. Stranger than strange is that she lives in a part of the south where I have a good amount of family. I don't know them all that well and have only been to the area once but there there. I was intrigued and decided to contact her and left a brief message on her voicemail. She never called me back

Back then I had this crazy urge to be kindred with all the Kamikas of the world. I wanted to read about them to find any similarities or crazy coincidences. It was sort of like being born on the same day as someone else and noticing you are similarly moody etc.

Recently she contacted me via one of my KAL sites. The Knitting Lingerie site to be exact. She explained that she didn't call me back all those years ago because she was afraid of Identity Theft! No diggity! Go Figure! I never responded.

Even more recently I noticed (after Googling of course) that she had left a rather mean-spirited comment on a forum. Here's what she wrote (excerpted from the Tyra Banks Show):

I am very confused, you say it's great to be "black", yet you wear a weave to disguise your african-american hair. My daughter wonders why her hair isn't as pretty as Tyra's. You should be ashamed of saying your a proud black sister, when in fact, your own mother went outside of our race because she too was ashamed. Why don't you just admit being a two-face wishing you were white, instead of getting a nose job, and caking on light make-up to not look so dark. I am overweight, I am never proud of it. I am unhealthy because of my weight, and so will my daughter be if I don't help her have healthy eating habits by making an example of myself. You say everyone is "beautiful" ,but you wear a support so you don't hang out.You try to stay in shape. Why don't you want to look like us "bigger" women if it's so O.K.? I want to know, which message your sending out, big or small, real or fake?... I am just keeping it "real",why don't you?

My disclaimer: THIS IS NOT ME!! I wear my hair natural but others can do what they want to do. Wear your hair how you want it! Shave your hairline and glue as many lacefronts to your head as you want. Cake on the pancake makeup as you see fit and feel free to burn all of your hair out from the root if that's your prerogative. Diversity makes the world go round. I can only show you a more excellent way if you are willing. I will never force it down your throat nor will I choke you to death with nappyheaded dogma. Gone are those days which is why I left a well known hair site alone. What I'm inclined to do may not be for you!

Now Identity Theft is always in the back of my mind, but at this point I think she is legit. If you saw my credit report you wouldn't want to steal from me. But! I do think it's strange, naw'mean?

What do you think? Kamika S. , please feel free to comment as well. This isn't an attack but more of a query.

Your girl. The real deal,



Virtuous said...

Mmmh I think it is twilight-ish that you actually exchange some sort of communication with one another and that you cross each other in the same forums!! Haha!

But I definitely knew that was NOT you from the very 1st sentance :oD

I would say be glad you really didn't get to know her b/c obviously you two are not of like mind!!

del said...

Strange indeed.

My attitude about natural hair is the same, which is also why I no longer frequent a well-known hair site. I wonder if we're talking about the same place?

urbanknitrix said...

WOW!! She needed to get a lot off her chest. Who cares what others do with themselves? Time waits for no man and this is what she waste her time on? Anywho, my hair is permed and blonde - two strikes, she might write me. However, my daughter is natural. I don't want to be white, I am lazy as hell or better yet, its my choice. So many debates: stay at home mom or worker mom better, Geez, fudge her man.