Monday, October 20, 2008

FO: McCalls 5250 High Waisted Slacks & Misc.

Stuff and Stuff and some more Stuff!

McCalls 5250 High-Waisted Slacks

Love them! Got lots of compliments on them. These slacks were soooo comfortable.

Pattern: McCall's 5250 High-Waisted Slacks
Material: Tartan Grey Metallic Suiting
Notions: 9" zipper, flat hook closure
Mods & Notes: I had planned to fully line with Posh polyester from JoAnns but while sewing I had a tearing mishap. I may go back later and add lining. I originally cut these out in muslin to get the proper fit. Which I now use as a sort of sloper. Added about 3" to the length. Have to learn how to do a better hidden zipper. Took a little extra time to match the pattern and lengthened the belt carriers by 1" each to accomodate wider belts.

Results: I really love these pants and got many many compliments on them today. Only drawback is the side seam pockets don't lay as flat as they could causing puckering. I may go back and stay stitch them to the outer seams. The pattern is easy and requires little to no guesswork. I highly recommend.

Pinstripes Swatch

Now if I could just sit down and finish the dang ole sweater AND write out the pattern. I dream big and in color. I seem to be slipping back into some habits I thought I had long left behind. Procrastination and not finishing. I'm going to hold myself accountable on this one. Hopefully I'll have a progress pic in my next post.

Tea, Cream & Red Velvet

With walnut icing. The redder the better. Jongewaards in Long Beach.

Kamika now if I go in here and eat this mint cheesecake I'll be stuffed!


NikkiJ said...

See, I'm trying to start my next project but can't find the fabric for it. JoAnn's where I live are lacking.

Great job by the way.

del said...

Love those slacks! The plaid is great for this time of year.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

cake looks great and so does the posterior in the pants if i may say so have a gr8 weekend jones

Pajnstl said...

You did a great job... your pants are so cute! and send me some red velvet cake :)