Tuesday, February 26, 2008

B...Really Irks Me!

Blogspot really irks me! I can't stand the extra font changes, terrible spacing, and more than occasional misalignment of my pictures. That includes pictures that are formatted for centering not enlarging on a click as opposed to those that are set for either right or left alignment. Us creative people need to see the details. No you all, I haven't been tipping into Margueritaville before blogging. It's Blogger getting all willy nilly in my prose. I know I could just go in and change ALL of the HTML but I shouldn't have to got on a hunt. Blogging takes long enough as it is.

SO! If you happen to notice any wayward formatting just ignore it. It's Blogger not submitting to my authority on this here blog. Or maybe it's me that has it twisted.

I mentioned yesterday that I had gotten the gumption to make some stitch markers. I'd like to share the first few sets with you. Like I really needed another accoutrement. When I do something I like to have all the gear.

Amber lampwork beads with alternating amber and gold spacers with gold rings.

Amber lampwork and wood beads with alternating amber and silver spacers on silver rings.

Gold cross charms attached to Lilac Agate and real Lemon yellow Fresh Water Pearls, gold beads on gold toggle clasps.

Green and jade lampwork beads with silver coils and screw tops on silver rings.

I already need to make some more. Two sets are gone to appreciative giftees. I have lots of other beads and gems in my arsenal so I plan to make them soon.



Christie said...

Pretty! Make stitch markers are addictive! I have more stitch markers than I do projects!

del said...

Oh, those are really pretty! I think the amber ones are my favorites.

k_purls2 said...

Kamika, you did a beautiful job. My swap pal just gave me my first pair of stitch markers. Wow, how could I have knitted without these! Are you selling these? I really like the cross ones. I also think the amber ones are fantastic. You are talented. Go, on girl.

eclectik said...


Love the blog...will be back

Yeah I dropped Blogger for Wordpress...I haven't looked back.


Pajnstl said...

see i thought it was just me! blogger needs to get it together :)

cute stitch markers!

eve knits said...

thanks so much!!! i love the stitch markers! i am so ready to c/o another project just to put them to use!

Virtuous said...

I am actually investigating moving myself! ;o)

I just finished up making stitchmarkers last week!

We always seem to be on the same wavelength!